Kartik Aryan flaunts expensive mclaren gt car while posing with pet katori tmova

Actor Karthik Aryan, who gave hit to Bollywood hit, has once again come into the limelight. Recently, Karthik shared a video on Instagram with his cute pet bowl. The bowl looked very cute, but the attention of the fans shifted to something else of Karthik.

Karthik flaunts his car
In the photo that Karthik Aryan shared with Katori, his expensive car was also seen. Karthik’s dog was sitting on the roof of his car, while Karthik was posing standing together. After posting the video, Karthik wrote the caption – spoiled child, Katori Aryan, it will not let me go to work. The caption itself shows how much Karthik wants the bowl. Karthik may be expressing his love for the bowl, but the fans felt that the actor was flaunting his expensive car.

The car Kartik was posing with was a McLaren GT car gifted to him by Bhushan Kumar. When Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 was flying the flags of success, and was breaking records on record. The price of this car in India is estimated at 4.7 crores. The car model, which has been gifted by Bhushan Kumar to Karthik, is the first model of this company in India. Karthik has posted a video of a bowl of stomach sitting on the roof of this orange car.

Fans pulled

Seeing where the fans were going to miss, they commented and started pulling Karthik’s leg. One fan wrote – Yes, you are showing the car on the pretext of a bowl, we all know. At the same time, another user wrote – This car is very hot. At the same time, the fans were also seen praising the bowl. The cuteness of the bowl won his heart too. Many people asked Karthik to cast Katori in his next film as well. At the same time, some people mentioned to him to take the bowl with him on the shooting.

Let us tell you that Karthik not only owns a McLaren but also a Lamborghini Urus Capsule Edition, BMW 5 Series, Mini Cooper S, and a Porsche 718 Boxster.

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