Keep these things in mind while charging the smartphone, there can be a big loss

New Delhi. Are you also one of those people who charge their smartphone with any charger? If this is the case, then you should take care of some things, otherwise there may be huge loss. Since not all chargers are the same, nor is the charging capacity of every smartphone the same.

In such a situation, using only such a charger that fits in your phone can cost you dearly. Using any charger can damage your phone’s battery. Let us know what effect this can have on your phone.

What is the work of Charger?
If understood in simple language, the mobile phone charger has only one function, charging the device, but this process is not as easy as it is to say. Actually, the work of charger is to convert AC power to DC to your phone or tablet. That’s why they are called adapters not chargers.

Users should always use the original charger to charge their smartphone. Since the charging capacity of every smartphone is different and fast charging has increased in the last few years.

In such a situation, charging the phone with another smartphone’s charger or a fake charger can reduce its battery life. If ever the charger of the phone gets damaged, then you should take a new charger keeping in mind the Output Voltage and Current.

Cheap charger will be expensive
Along with this, you should also avoid using cheap chargers from unknown manufacturers. Because they do not give you the quality and protection for less money, which is found in a branded charger. On the other hand, if your phone does not support fast charging, then you should be careful while using another charger. Because doing so can damage your phone.

Apple has suggested
Apple has shared official information in this regard. If you use a third party cable or counterfeit cable with an iPhone, it will cause your iPhone to not charger properly. It may not sync completely with your iPhone and this can also damage your iPhone. Apple recommends iPhone users to use an Apple USB Power Adapter (or one that works well with the iPhone).


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