Know how a photo became a symbol of the Prince Andrew sexual abuse case | Know how a photo became a symbol of the Prince Andrew sexual abuse case

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This photo of Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell may have been taken in the late evening of March 10, 2001, but it has now become a symbol in the Virginia Giuffre case against Prince Andrew. In this photo, one hand of the Duke is on the waist of 17-year-old girl Ghislain Maxwell and the other is on the front. Prince claimed that this photo has been tampered with.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew

The Guardian has been quoted as saying that Britain’s Prince Andrew, accused of sexual abuse, will, however, no longer have to go to jail. He made a deal with former model Virginia Giuffre, accused of rape, on Tuesday. According to reports, Prince will pay a hefty amount to the model as compensation. However, till now it has not been told how much this amount will be and in what form it will be given. Prince was accused by Giuffre that when she was 17, Geoffrey Epstein (the main accused in the case) took her to Andrew and that Prince had an affair with her. Settlement documents were presented before a Manhattan court on Tuesday.

agreement on both sides
According to the New York Times, the court has also asked the court to keep the amount that the 61-year-old British Prince will give to Virginia Giuffre. Both the parties have given affidavits in this regard before the court. Apart from this, it has been decided to give some amount to Giuffre for charity as well.

If this settlement had not taken place, within a few weeks, the Prince would have to take an oath in court and answer questions from Giuffre’s lawyers. However, so far Prince has been denying Giuffre’s allegations as false. However, Giuffre claimed that he had several photos exposing the Prince’s lies.

Virginia Greetings to Giuffre
British Queen Elizabeth, 95, is not in good health. Following the allegations against Prince, the Royal Family withdrew the military and royal categories from him. Now what will be the new decision on this, only time will tell.

In his statement on Tuesday, Prince said – I know that Epstein misused many young girls. I deeply regret that I was in contact with such a lousy man like Epstein. I salute the courage of Virginia Giuffre. In this case, the settlement happened very quickly. According to a report, this settlement came to the fore only 6 months after Giuffre filed a case against Prince.

Giuffre’s attorney, David Bois, said in documents submitted to a Manhattan federal court that attorneys for both sides are notifying the judge that the trial has been reached in principle and that they will appeal the dismissal of the lawsuit within a month. According to documents filed in court, Prince Andrew will donate to Giuffre’s charity, which has accused her of sexual abuse. At the same time, Andrew also expressed grief over having an affair with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Meanwhile, the letter said that the judge may set aside all the dates and put the proceedings on hold. Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Andrew in August last year. American citizen Giuffre has accused a member of the British royal family of sexually abusing her when she was 17 when she was traveling with Jeffrey Epstein.

this is the whole matter
This case first came to the fore in 2011, when an investigation into economic misconduct was launched against American businessman Geoffrey Epstein in this case as well. Jaffrey has also served 18 months in this case. Prince Andrew has already said that his friendship with Jaffrey has cost him dearly. The woman had filed two cases in a Florida court. Another woman has made similar allegations against Epstein and his associates.

The Prince has also been a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy. He married Sarah Ferguson in 1986. After retiring from the Navy, he started doing business in 2001. Epstein was found dead in prison in 2019 at the age of 66. Then, Andrew tried several times to get the trial dismissed by denying Giuffre’s allegations.

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