Know how much have changed now the famous stars of the film ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’

Know how much have changed now the famous stars of the film 'Nadiya Ke Paar'

By showing a unique glimpse of rural life in the most superhit film of Indian cinema in the year 1982, Nadiya Ke Paar left a deep impression of every character on the hearts of all the viewers. The film still holds the same status as it did at the time of its release.


The song and story of the film enthralled the audience, making it a blockbuster hit of its time. The main cast of this film is Sachin Pilgan. Sachin acted in many films and achieved the title of big actor in a short span of time. The actress who played the character of Gunja in the film was Sadhna Singh and Gunja’s beauty and nature won the hearts of the audience. Rice fields.


Across the river artist Indan Kumar and Chandan’s elder brother also played roles. Indan Kumar died in an accident along with his family in an accident. The character of Gunja’s elder sister Roopa was played by actress Matri in the film. After this Matali worked in few Bollywood films. However, his work in these films was appreciated by critics and audiences alike.


In the film, Chandan-loving actress Sheela Sharma played the role of Rajo. Sheela Sharma has also appeared in many TV series. Chandanrani Sachin Pilgaonkar also worked in many TV serials, but the character of Chandan proved to be the turning point of his film career.

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