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Know about Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE features and price

Swaraj tractor is very popular tractor among Indian farmers. If you are a farmer and thinking of buying a Swaraj Company tractor, then both Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE tractors are excellent in their own right. Let us tell you that Swaraj Company keeps on launching tractors with new technology and features for the benefit of the farmers. Here we will give you a comparative study of which tractor is better Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE, so that farmers can easily choose the tractor according to their needs.

Both these models are different from other models of Swaraj Tractor. So we are here through TractorJunction giving you the comparative information between Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE in 52 hp category. This post compares Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE. Both these tractors come in 2 wheel drive variants. Advanced features have been given in both of them. However, there is a slight difference between the PTO capacity and the price of these two. Here we are giving information about Engine, Transmission, Brake-Steering, PTO, Hydraulics, Dimensions, Tires and Price of both these tractors.

Watch this video to know more about Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE


Swaraj 744 XT tractor comes with 52 HP and 3 Cylinders. Its engine capacity is 3478 cc with engine producing 2000 rpm. The engine capacity of this tractor provides efficient mileage. Also, it offers high fuel efficiency, saving farmers money.

Whereas Swaraj 855 Tractor FE is also a 52 HP tractor. It comes with 3 cylinders, which are made for better performance for a long time. Along with this, Swaraj 855 is powered by 3307 CC Engine which makes this tractor good for Indian farmers. Apart from this, Swaraj Tractor 855 also has an oil bath type air filter and water cooled engine in this tractor which provides lubricity while driving the tractor in the field.


Swaraj 744 XT tractor comes with Single-clutch and Dual-clutch. Its easy gear shifting and smooth operation system provides comfort during heavy work. It has a powerful gear box. It includes 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, which provide controlled movement. This tractor has 3-stage Wet Air Cleaner which keeps the internal system of the tractor clean, provides longer working life.

Whereas Swaraj 855 FE Tractor also has Single and Dual Clutch option. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It has a battery of 12V 99 AH. It has stator motor alternator. Its forward speed ranges from 3.1 to 30.9 km/h and reverse speed ranges from 2.6 to 12.9 km/h.


Swaraj 744 XT tractor comes with Oil Immersed Brakes. It comes with smooth mechanical steering. Also, it has the option of power steering.

Whereas Swaraj 855 tractor comes in FE Dry Disc Brake / Oil Immersed Brake option. It also has the option of mechanical and power steering. It comes with a single drop arm steering column.


Swaraj 744 XT tractor has 45 pto capacity, its rpm speed is 540/1000. At the same time, the PTO of Swaraj 855 Tractor FE is 42.9 HP. This is multispeed PTO. Its RPM speed is 540/1000.


The lifting capacity of Swaraj 744 XT Tractor is 1700 kg. This tractor with features like directional control valve, it works effectively with equipment like a planter, cultivator, plow etc. The total weight of this tractor is 2070 kg and its wheel base is 2096 mm. Its total length is 3342 mm and width is 1945 mm.

While the lifting capacity of Swaraj 855 Tractor FE is also 1700 kg. It comes with Auto Draft and Depth Control (ADDC) three point linkage. The total weight of this tractor is 2020 kg and wheel base is 2050 mm. The length of this tractor is 3420 mm and width is 1715 mm. Its ground clearance is 400 mm. This tractor can easily lift almost all the equipment like rotavator, cultivator, plow, harrow, and many more.


Swaraj 744 XT tractor comes in two wheel dive. This tractor comes with Front Tire in 6.0 & 16 / 7.50 & 16 Sizes and Rear Tire in 14.9 & 28 Sizes.

Whereas Swaraj 855 Tractor is FE Two Wheel Dive Tractor. The front tire of this tractor comes in size of 6.00 x 16 / 7.50 x 16 and rear tire is 14.9 x 28 / 16.9 x 28 / 13.6 x 28.

Price and Warranty

Now let’s talk about its price, then Swaraj 744 XT tractor starts from 6.98 to 7.50 lakhs*. Whereas the price of Swaraj 855 Tractor FE ranges from Rs 7.80 to Rs 8.10 lakh. This price is ex-showroom price. The price of Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE tractor may vary from state to city. The company provides a warranty of 2 years or 2 thousand hours on both these tractors.

Specifications of Swaraj 744 XT and Swaraj 855 FE Tractor

Specifications Swaraj 744 XT Swaraj 855 FE
cylinder 3 3
HP 52 52
PTO Power 44 hp 42.9 HP
engine 3478 cc 3307 cc
gear 8 forward + 2 reverse 8 forward + 2 reverse
fuel tank capacity 50 liters 60 liters
lifting capacity 1700 kg 1700 kg
worth 6.98-7.50 lacs* Up to Rs.7.80-8.10 lakh*

In this post of Kisan Bhai TractorJunction, you will find popular tractors in 52 HP category. Swaraj 744 XT And Swaraj 855 FE Information about the features, specifications and price is given. If you want to get information about tractors of any company other than these two tractors, then you can search on TractorJunction’s website as well as download TractorJunction mobile app.

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