Know why Jitendra used to wear white clothes? The actor himself gave the reason

Bollywood veteran actor Jitendra was considered the most handsome and successful actor of his era. Many stories related to him are constantly being heard on social media. Some time ago this legend actor had reached a singing reality show. During which he also shared many stories related to his life with the fans. Jitendra Passes Away: Well-known actor Jitendra is no more, the mountain of sorrows broken on the film industry

The actor told that 20 years of his life were spent in Mumbai’s chawl ‘Shyam Sadam Chawl’. He also described this time as the best time of his life. Jitendra has been an actor who has always been in discussions due to his clothes, in such a situation, he could not have been asked questions related to his clothes in the show.

Jitendra has been seen mostly in white clothes and white shoes during his career. Actually white clothes were considered his style statement but why he used to wear white clothes, few people would know about it. Due to this condition of father Jitendra, Ekta Kapoor’s marriage has not happened till date

During the reality show, when Jitendra was asked about clothes, he gave an interesting reason behind the white clothes. According to Jitendra, when he made his debut in the industry, he did not have any designer. This is the reason why he used to wear any dress of his choice. During this, someone had advised him that he looks thin in white clothes.

Since then Jitendra started wearing white clothes. During the conversation, Jitendra also told that he is seen less in colorful clothes and more in white. This is the reason why he gave more importance to white clothes. From Pankaj Tripathi to Nawazuddin, 7 famous OTT stars looked like this at the time of debut

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