Know why Pooja Bhatt had taken photos without clothes, said then I was 24 and inside me…

Know why Pooja Bhatt took photos without clothes

Pooja Bhatt, who gave strong films to the Bollywood industry in the 90s, remains in the headlines due to more outspoken statements than her films. Pooja Bhatt knows very well how the contrast is made. But after what he had done in the 90s, there was a lot of uproar in the country. Actually, he did a magazine cover photo shoot without clothes. After this, discussions of him started happening everywhere. At that time this photo of Pooja Bhatt was criticized a lot and she had to listen a lot because of it. However, all these things did not affect his confidence in the slightest.

Pooja Bhatt has inherited her father’s outspoken attitude by following in his footsteps. She is known for making controversial statements many times. This picture also appears in the same list. This photoshoot was inspired by the concept of Vanity Fair. In these pictures, Pooja Bhatt has painted her entire body. The photographer who took this picture of Pooja Bhatt at that time was Dinesh Raheja. It is said that when Dinesh Raheja told the actress about this concept, Pooja Bhatt immediately said yes without thinking.

In an interview with the media, the actress said, “I didn’t think twice about it and agreed to do this cover shoot. At 24, I was still very young. Many groups of friends were present. I enjoy challenging myself. I like to do different types of work. I take full responsibility for the work I do.

Pooja Bhatt told reporters that she has no regrets about her recent statements despite the controversy. According to him, I know I did. Although Pooja had said at that time whether I can do it again or not, I cannot say.

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