‘Let me cool you down…,’ Wasim Akram red-yellow on this question of Pakistani fan

New Delhi: Rumors have swirled about former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram’s absence from the quarter-final match against India in the 1996 World Cup. The former Pakistan captain withdrew from the game fifteen minutes before the toss due to injury. However, there was much speculation about his absence from the all-important clash against arch-rivals. At that time, Akram, the captain of the team, had created such a stir with his absence that even after 26 years of the tournament, he is facing questions on the same.

Why did you miss the match?

During a televised debate on Pakistan’s news channel A Sports, Wasim Akram was asked to explain his absence from the match in one sentence. Akram got very upset with this question. He went so red and yellow with anger at this question that he even went so far as to say that most of the people who ask this question were not even born when the match took place in 1996.

let me cool you guys

Akram said- Let me cool you down. I have many words for this young generation. Never listen to rumours. Ok? You may not have even been born when this match took place. When a Pakistani attacks me, it is very shameful. Akram further said- I was injured during the match against New Zealand. I scored 34 runs. I tried to make a sweep shot. The leg was up and my muscles strained. It took me six weeks to recover.

The reason we didn’t tell the press is because India doesn’t get the confidence that their main player is not playing. Referring to Waqar Younis, who was part of the debate, Akram said that his fellow bowler had seen him get treatment for the injury, but to no avail.

What other chickpeas went to sell?

Akram’s anger did not stop here. He further said- Waqar saw in the morning.. Everyone saw that I was given two pain killer injections, but they did not work. If the injured player had played in that match, he would have made my soil more pulsating. Akram said tauntingly – then what others had gone to sell chickpeas that if Wasim Akram did not play then Pakistan lost the match? I was injured.

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