London Beer Flood: When a beer tsunami wreaked havoc on the streets of London, read the full story – london beer flood history 17 october 1814 people died house collapsed know what happened during the london beer flood lbse

You must have read and heard many times, pictures and news of the devastation caused by water floods, tsunami, but have you ever heard of beer tsunami? On this day i.e. on October 17, in the year 1814, such an incident happened in London, where 8 people lost their lives due to beer tsunami or flood. It may sound strange to hear of a beer tsunami, but it happened in London 207 years ago. Let us know how the beer tsunami caused havoc in London and what was the reason for this beer tsunami.

How did the tsunami come from beer?
Everything was normal on the morning of 17 October 1814 in St Giles, London. But after one incident, there was a scene of devastation on the roads there. The incident took place at a brewery called Horse Shoe Brewery on the edge of Great Russell Street and Tottenham Court Road. Here there was a flood of beer due to the explosion in the fermentation tank of beer.

The Horse Shoe Brewery used to make beer in 22 feet high wooden fermentation tanks. Inside these tanks were about 3,500 barrels of beer. These tanks were covered with iron lids. But when George Crick, the clerk of the storehouse inspected the tank at 4.30 pm on the day of the incident, he found that the 700-pound iron lid of a tank had become slightly loose. But this used to happen two or three times a year, so George Crick did not pay much attention to it. At the same time, Crick’s boss also did not think about it very seriously. He said that there will be no damage due to loosening of the lid. He told her to fix it later. But he had absolutely no idea that this neglect of his would bring destruction.

New York Public Library-Wikipedia_Horseshoe Brewery

When 22 feet high tank exploded
After this, at around 5.30 pm, Crick heard the sound of an explosion from inside the storeroom. This sound was of tank explosion. After the explosion in the tank, the hot beer being fermented came out with such force that the back wall of the brewery collapsed. A chain reaction was also triggered by this explosion and the valves of the adjacent tanks were also broken. About 320,000 gallons of beer started flowing on the streets. The beer came out with such force that even 15 feet high waves could be seen.

Houses collapsed in beer floods
Soon after the explosion in the storehouse, a tsunami of beer reached the streets. The beer flowing on the streets was flowing with such great quantity and force that it washed away everything that came in its way. The flooding reached George Street and New Street within minutes, and with no drainage on city streets, beer filled the basements of houses and several houses collapsed. To save themselves from being swept away, people resorted to tables and furniture. In this incident, one Mary Banfield and her four-year-old daughter Hannah lost their lives. Similarly, about eight people had died in this incident.

Court considered it a divine event
Where on one hand many people lost their lives. At the same time, after this incident, many people came out of their homes with cups or other utensils to drink free beer so that they could take the free beer home. After this incident, a lawsuit was filed in the court against the owners of the Horse Shoe brewery. But the court, without holding anyone responsible for the incident, considered it to be a divine event and cleared the company owners from all charges. Since then, the use of wooden fermentation tanks gradually stopped and in its place strong concrete tanks were made.

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