Lost less because no one was buttered, said Annu Kapoor on Birthday – Annu Kapoor opens up on his struggle and failure on his birthday Tmovn

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  • Annu Kapoor spoke on the occasion of his birthday
  • no one has buttered

Actor, host, singer, writer, presenter Annu Kapoor has set foot on the 66th spring of his life. Annu Kapoor has completed four decades in the Bollywood industry. However, on his journey, Annu says that he has got only 10 percent of what he deserves.

When Aajtak.in questioned Annu on the journey of the industry, Annu says in response, ‘I have lost more and found less in this journey of forty years. But what happens if those people can fall in the trap of losing and gaining, then they become rich. If a laborer like us falls into this loss and gain, then when will we work. What has been lost can no longer be returned. There is no pride in what he has found. Life goes on like this.

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I got only 10 percent of what I deserve

On the complaint question from the industry, Annu says, yes, there are many complaints. I am a very frustrated man. However, this does not mean that I take my frustration out on other people. That’s probably my luck. I have got only 10% of what I deserve. What can I do now? Now I cannot sit with my failures, can I? I have always given the best from my side, but my best was probably not enough that the world would like my work as much as they like the work of other actors.

Couldn’t make a spoon or buttered

Annu further says, ‘Today I am saying this on the occasion of my birthday. 66 years of life is enough for experience. It seems that I am still standing on the edge. To be honest, I have my fault somewhere in this, I have not been able to become like him. I could not become a friend and chamcha of these film stars, producers and directors. I have never believed in buttermilk. I work and come back home. Actually my intellectual and class do not match with these people, so always kept distance. I have not been able to learn worldliness.’

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