‘Love in an hour…’ When the 23 year old model gave her heart to the builder of 62! – Love in an hour When 23 year old model gave her heart to builder of 62 Year Tinder Dating tsty

‘There is no age limit, no bondage of birth, when someone loves, only the mind sees…’ This song sung by Jagjit Singh fits perfectly on a 23-year-old girl and her 62-year-old partner. There is a difference of 39 years in the age of both. Ignoring the agegap, the couple falls in love with each other.

The couple met on the dating app Tinder. A connection was formed between the two only after meeting on the first date and the couple is with each other for the last few months.

23-year-old model Willow Silas and 62-year-old David Simonini met on Tinder. According to Willow, David was their first date. Willow told that we both formed a connection on the first date, fell in love with each other within just 1 hour. “It was an unreliable connection, it felt like it was made right away,” David told Truly.

After the first date, the couple themselves made the relationship public, since then both are with each other as boyfriends and girlfriends. Now the couple is traveling the world together, visiting restaurants and attending events. Willow told that David also took her to the concert of ‘Backstreet Boys’.

David and Willow’s love story is in the news (Credit: Instagram)

Willow told that when she first met David, she was not impressed by anything about him, she wanted to know David as a human being. She was not thinking too much about David’s age.

‘Love happened because of money’
David and Willow share moments related to the relationship online. Willow said that in public places no one says anything about their age difference. But, social media users taunt a lot because of ‘Edgap’. Some people call David ‘Sugar Daddy’. Many people even call David their grandfather and father.

At the same time, many users target Willow and say that she loves him because of David’s money. However, the couple ignores the negative comments and is enjoying their life. David has a luxurious penthouse in California (USA). Here he is living with Willow.

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