Madhur Bhandarkar rejected, then entered Bollywood with his film. Madhur Bhandarkar rejected and then entered Bollywood with his film

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My name is Avani Modi. I am from Gandhinagar in Gujarat. I am the first person in the family who chose acting as a career. However, even without a film background, I had to struggle in this industry. I cried, shattered, even disappointed, but my family kept my courage.

I am the heroine of the movie ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’. With this film, I have made my debut as a writer and producer. Although my first Hindi film was Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Calendar Girls’.

wanted to be a heroine since childhood

I have always been good at studies, but I wanted to become an actress since childhood. I belong to a middle class family.

Mother is a housewife and father was in government job. No one in the family was associated with the film industry far and wide. I was afraid that what will I do if my family does not support this decision.

But before that I wanted to see myself whether I can act or not. For this I joined a theater group in my college. There I started enjoying and I recognized myself as an actress. The credit for raising me as an actor goes to HL College of Commerce, Ahmedabad.

Principal gave my phone number to the channel

At that time E TV Gujarati was looking for an anchor for one of its chat shows. For this auditions were being held in every college of Gujarat. So the channel contacted my college also.

In such a situation, the principal said that there is only one Avani Modi in our college who is active in drama and has won many medals by participating in the competition. The focus of the rest of the students is on becoming a CA. So no one will show interest in it. He gave my number to the channel.

I got a call from the channel. I went to audition and got the show. The show was shot in Ahmedabad itself. So I would shoot every morning at 6 am and go to college in the afternoon. Slowly people started recognizing me. It was a pleasure to be praised. My parents would have been proud if I saw it on TV.

told my dream to dad

When college was over, I told my father that I wanted to become an actor. I was afraid that he might refuse, but he said go to Mumbai. You will not get a chance by staying in Gujarat. Mother also supported me a lot.

I reached Mumbai in 2011. My aunt used to live there, so I stayed at her house for a few months. By the way, when I was on school holidays in my childhood, I used to go to my aunt’s house. At that time when Mousaji showed the bungalows of film actors, I would have thought that I had to come back to this city.

Later I shifted to PG because my aunt’s house was far away from areas like Andheri, Juhu, Goregaon, Bandra and I had to come to these areas for auditions.

Avni Modi's father was in a government job.  Now he is retired.

Avni Modi’s father was in a government job. Now he is retired.

Adjusting to Mumbai from a small town was a challenge

It took me a long time to adjust to Mumbai. There is a lot of difference in the lifestyle of a small city of Gujarat like Gandhinagar and a metro city like Mumbai. Getting on and off the local train is a challenge in itself. People from different cities live in Mumbai and this city runs at its own pace. But in Gandhinagar I saw only Gujarati people around me.

Then entering the film industry was also a challenge. It took me a year and a half to adjust to this environment.

Example of amitabh bachchan giving papa when he was rejected in audition

I started working in Gujarati dramas in Mumbai. Along with this, I also continued to do modeling, TV and print ads on the ramp. Money is very important to live in a city like Mumbai and I am not from a rich family, so I used to do whatever work I could get.

Meanwhile, I got selected in Venus Company and got a chance to work in Altaf Raja’s video album but being a Bollywood heroine was still not easy. I used to meet casting directors everyday and visit talent management company. Gave many auditions and got rejected many times.

I used to cry a lot at that time. Then Papa would explain to me that look at Amitabh Bachchan, how many times his film flopped. This is not happening to you new. This happens with everyone. You will have to see failure in the beginning. just do not give up. Keep trying

Avni also acted in the international short film 'Gulaab'.  The film has won the Best Film Award at the Canada International Film Festival.

Avni also acted in the international short film ‘Gulaab’. The film has won the Best Film Award at the Canada International Film Festival.

first break in tamil film

I got my first break from the Tamil film ‘Naan Rajavaga Pojiren’ which released in 2013. After that I did some Telugu films.

I also got a Tamil film by chance. I went to a casting agency to give my photos. There was an audition for the ad film. Those who used to do the casting, seeing my looks, suggested that I work in South films. So I said that I do not know how the industry works there.

I don’t even know the language. So he said that the heroines who are working there are from which South India, they are also from North. After I agreed, he sent my photos to the Tamil-Telugu industry.

From there a director came to Mumbai and took my audition. He gave a situation and said that you should act in the language in which you are comfortable. He didn’t give any script.

I had done many such activities in the theater without a script, so it was not difficult for me. I got selected for the film.

Madhur Bhandarkar first rejected, then selected

Along with working in South films, I was also trying my luck in Bollywood. I got to know that Madhur Bhandarkar is looking for a new face for his film ‘Calendar Girls’. When I met him, he rejected me.

I met him again and said that you give me a chance to audition. I jokingly told him that after seeing the performance, tell me whether I am worthy of Bollywood or not. So they auditioned me in 3rd round and then I got selected.

Avani Modi was awarded the 'Bal Gangadhar Tilak Award'.

Avani Modi was awarded the ‘Bal Gangadhar Tilak Award’.

I wrote the story of the film ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’

The film ‘Modi Ji Ki Beti’ releasing on 14th October is the first film of my production house. I am its actor, producer and writer. It is the story of a fearless girl who is presented in a comic manner.

Many stories keep coming to my mind. This too was a story among them. When I told the idea to the director of this film, Eddie Singh, he said that you write the script.

While writing this, I learned how to script a film. I believe that never limit yourself to a limit.

Although I have a passion for writing since childhood. I used to write poems in college. I am happy that God made me an artist and I consider myself lucky that as a producer, I got good support from my team.

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