Mallika Sherawat brought the black truth of Bollywood in front of everyone, Bollywood actors used to call her room at midnight

malika sherawat

During a conversation with Hindustan Times, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat said that a heroine is controlled by actors in the film industry. They gravitate towards the words of actors who believe in the power of women. Mallika said that this is a very simple thing. He only likes actresses whom he loves. An actress who can compromise and agree to compromise.

I am not one of them and I have no such personality. All the famous actors refused to work with me because I am not ready to compromise. Yes. During the conversation, when Mallika was asked the meaning of ‘compromise’, she said that it is anything which involves giving up something in order to come to an agreement. If he says sit, stand, you should do it. Even if the hero calls you home at three o’clock in the morning, you will have to go. If you are in the circle of the film and they are filming, and you do not go into that circle, the film will be out.

He further said that I am from Haryana. It is a state of India. I did Murder which became very popular and I was cast by Jackie Chan in his film. The US President also met Barack Obama on two occasions. The actress is currently very satisfied with the number of roles being offered to her. He also said that he is happy and satisfied with the work he has done in the industry so far. Let us tell you that Mallika has spoken on the casting couch many times before.

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