Man lying on railway track recorded VIDEO of arrival of train stunt tsty

A social media influencer is facing public opposition due to the stunt. He lay down on the railway track a few seconds before the arrival of the train, then the train passed over him. The man also recorded a video of the stunt. The influencer was not hurt during this stunt, but people are criticizing him for doing so.

This case is being told of New York City (USA). This video was shared on Instagram by a user named @pleasedontlack0. In part of the video, the man is seen standing on the New York subway railway track with someone else who is recording a video of this man.

There is also a camera installed on the forehead of the person lying on the railway track. At the same time, his face is covered with a black mask. In the viral stunt video, it is seen that as soon as the train is about to arrive, the influencer lies down on the railway track a few seconds before that.

This person adjusts himself on the railway track, then several coaches of the train pass over him one after the other.

This is the person who lay under the train, can see in the circle how he lay on the track (Instagram)

Social media users were also surprised to see this act of the person. One user wrote that some people think that people will laugh after seeing such an act.

At the same time, this video was also shared by the Twitter handle Crime in NYC. One user commented and wrote that if the train went straight and hit the person’s forehead, it would have been very regrettable. At the same time, other users wrote that the influencer did all this to get headlines.

However, the statement of the New York Police Department has not yet come out in this matter.

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