MBA graduate stood on the road for 5 days with resume, got job like this! – MBA graduate Got rejection 95 times then stand on road with resume got job in 5 days tsty

An MBA graduate boy stood on the road carrying his resume and within five days he got a job offer. This boy had to face rejections for the job 95 times earlier. The story of this boy is in discussion on social media. In November this boy will start his new job.

Mohammed Arham Shahzad stood on the street of London with a resume, suitcase, LinkedIn QR code. He is a resident of Pakistan. Shahzad was looking for a job in London for a year but did not get success. Even after studying Masters in business management, he applied in 95 companies but he got rejection from all these places.

Then he thought of advertising himself by taking himself out of the comfort zone. After this he came down on the road of London. He stood on the road carrying a resume, suitcase and a LinkedIn QR code.

Shahzad told Business Insider- ‘I was tired of facing rejections every day. Every day had become stressful for me. After that I thought of trying differently.

Shahzad says- On July 11, he got up early in the morning and made a board and pasted the LinkedIn QR code on it. Then he left with his suitcase and board towards Canary Wharf, the financial district of London.

Shahzad told that he stood there with a smiling face, but he did not disturb any person coming and going.

When Shahzad left in the evening, he noticed that 200 people approached him. The response he got was very surprising. Shahzad told that some people came and stopped near me, scanned the QR code of LinkedIn, clicked my photo and went ahead.

During this, the director of JPMorgan also came to him and gave his business card. Shahzad told that after this his message came and he said that he has circulated your resume around his office.

There was a moment when a teacher and his students reached Shahzad and got the group photo clicked.

When Shahzad was standing on the road, a person came and told him that whatever he is doing is not right. According to Shahzad, this was the only negative comment he got to hear.

The hard work of standing on the road finally paid off after five days, when the job of a data analyst was found. Shahzad told Business Insider it was the perfect job for him. Shahzad also told that he will have three more interviews in the coming week.

Faced visa problem, jobs will start in November

Shahzad had the biggest problem with the visa. Actually, students working in the UK need a ‘Skilled Worker Visa’. Since, Shahzad’s student visa had expired. For this reason, he needed this visa to work. This was the reason that he could not even apply in many companies.

According to the information available on the UK government’s website, the fee for this visa is between Rs 57 thousand to Rs 1 lakh 30 thousand. In July, Shahzad also shared a LinkedIn post about the difficulties faced by international students in the UK during their job.

However, now Shahzad has got a job as a data analyst. But it took him three months for this. Because it took time for his visa to be issued. Shehzad says that now he will start working with the new company in November.

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