Mehjabi Siddiqui on hijab row and bikini: mehjabi siddiqui who quit glamour world speaks up about hijab row sana khan and mental peace -Exclusive: Mehjabi, who quit TV for Islam, said – Why not hijab if you have the right to wear a bikini?

Mehjabi Siddiqui participated in ‘Bigg Boss 11’ as a commoner. But after being homeless, she had become a celebrity. In the house where a lot was said about his complexion. At the same time, after the makeover, she also made headlines. She was seen in her first music video ‘Woofer’ with her husband. And now she has declared that she will follow the path of Allah and from now on she will always be in hijab. Sharing a long post on social media, she told that she was following Sana Khan for a year, impressed by her, she has decided to stay in hijab forever and worship Allah. Along with this, she has also given her reaction on the hijab controversy and wearing bikini.

In a special conversation with ‘Navbharat’ correspondent Sanjay Mishra, Mehjabi said, ‘I wanted peace. I was going into depression. I was upset. As soon as Bigg Boss did not do Big Boss, as soon as it came on social media. Whatever worked, whatever things got so much entangled in them all.’ Mehjabi further said, ‘When you leave your first job and get busy with the things of the world, then you have given up those things which give you comfort. But later you need that same peace. After a while you get tired. You also get upset seeing negativity etc. No matter how good you make a relationship with people, but nothing happens.

Mehjabi further said that she was also following Sana Khan for a long time. ‘I was also following Sana Khan. She used to listen to him. She felt his words. Anyway, from childhood, we had heard that one should wear hijab, should remain in veil, should wear burqa. Because in the religion we belong to, we have been hearing all this since childhood. There is always fear of man in the heart. And I needed some comfort somewhere.

The lockdown also had a great effect on Mehjabi. He said, ‘When the first lockdown was imposed, then all these things started happening. Then for two years, I was having a lot of trouble. I couldn’t sleep. I used to get very upset. So there were so many things, which I felt that the way I want to live life, it is here. Here is the peace of my mind. And I used to hear so many things, I used to see that I used to feel that this is right.

On TV and Bollywood life, Mehjabi said, ‘Industry life and social media life are such that a person keeps running in them so much that he gets lost. He starts forgetting his Lord, God, Allah. Because distance happens. He goes so mad for fame. So he starts getting away from all these things. At first a person does not understand these things and by the time they understand, it is too late. I too was getting worried for a long time. I thought again that ok now the bus should take a stop. And the mind also needs peace. Maybe I was not for all these things. All this was not for me.’

Mehjabi and Sana had a conversation
Mehjabi told that she was following Sana for a year. He spoke to Sana after many efforts. Whatever doubts were in my mind at that time about the world and peace, I talked to Sana about them all. Sana told Mehjabi, ‘Whatever you like, what you think, you can feel it yourself.’

Mehjabi told that Sana had talked to him very positively. She explained a lot like a sister. ‘Well, his effect was on me. Because when you start following a person, it starts affecting you. Mehjabi said that she has been following Sana in the past as well because she liked him. He personally liked her very much. He says, ‘As changes took place in Sana, she was lost for a very long time. Then came back in a very nice way. And somewhere when I used to listen to them, I used to feel that all these things used to happen to me as well. I used to feel why I am doing all this. What is the use of doing all this?

On the hijab controversy, Mehjabi said, ‘All this also matters a lot. And this is also in Islam. In the Qur’an, Allahpak has clearly written that we have been ordered to stay in the veil. And the one who is not doing it, he considers everything good and bad. But I think if we are doing veils then veiling is not a bad thing. Wearing a veil in every religion and keeping a pallu on the head is a good thing. When I heard these things, I also thought why so much ruckus is being created. And every person has the right to live how he wants. And when a woman has the right to wear a bikini, she has her choice, she has a body, then it is also the choice of a woman that she wants to cover herself, then what is the problem.

Mehjabi told that when she came on social media and in Bigg Boss, her friend had objected. Told why she is doing all this. They should not do this. This is not a good thing. Mehjabi said that she did not like the words of a friend earlier. But later the same things started affecting him. She says that if she does not lead the right life, then how will her children also live their life in the right way. Because children learn from their mothers.

Mehjabi says that one cannot please everyone all the time. He can’t be a star all the time. Only once does he get a chance to touch the heights. And what is the use of doing that work even when you are not getting mental peace. No matter how many heights you go to, after a time you have to come down slowly.

Please tell that Mehjabi lives in Delhi. She lives with her 6-year-old daughter and husband. who are in the construction business. Mehjabi says that he supports her a lot. Did it before and still do it today.

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