Meta Launches Virtual Reality Headset, Know Features…

Meta Quest Pro VR Headset Launch: The world of technology has left no stone unturned to keep people connected to each other. Through this, people can talk with their family member even while staying away. By talking through video calls, people feel like staying together all the time by staying away. Every day new features keep coming in to improve the experience of the technology world.

Once again Meta has launched its “Quest Pro” virtual and “Mixed Reality” headset to improve this technological world. This “Quest Pro headset” is technically an updated version of “Quest-2”. In which Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta has claimed that these new headsets are going to be a milestone.

Features of Quest Pro

Its texture is lighter and thinner than before. Coming with a thin pancake, this headset has a powerful battery at the back. Meta has also added tracking sensors to the “Quest Pro” to read users’ eye movements and facial expressions.

The world of the metaverse is different

The world of the metaverse is a digital world in which you exist to be there even though you are not physically in that environment. It has been claimed by Zuckerberg that if users use these headsets to eat food in the virtual world of the Metaverse, then they will actually be able to taste that food.

Meta Quest Pro VR Headset Price and Availability

If we talk about the price of Meta Quest 2 Pro VR Headset, then its price is $ 1,500. Talk about its availability, then it will be made available for sale from October 25.

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