Mia Khalifa was seen with tears in her eyes after retiring from dirty films, the video is becoming increasingly viral on the internet


Mia Khalifa is a very active social media user. Let us tell you that Mia has been in the adult industry for a long time. Because he has a lot of followers on social media, he is able to communicate with a large number of people. At the same time, Mia had retired from the porn industry some time ago. Mia often posts her pictures and videos online. Ram has accumulated a large number of followers on Instagram.

Many fans praise his pictures very much. This video of Mia is becoming very viral on social media these days. In the video, Mia is seen crying bitterly and she can be seen. Many fans are surprised by his tears like this. Mia has recently been seen crying because of her favorite NBA star John Wall.

Mia Khalifa is a huge fan of NBA star John Wall. Wall is a big fan of Khalifa. Both Wall and Khalifa are very happy to have each other’s side. She watches them carefully. The campaign’s support for the Washington Wizards played a role in their success. On a recent trade exchange, the Washington Wizards replaced NBA star John Wall with Rachel Westbrook. She was on his team. Mia Khalifa was very upset when she came to know about this. Let us tell you that Mia is such a big fan of John Wall that she started crying when she did not join the team.


Many fans, along with Mia, looked sad when John Wall didn’t join the team. Mia posted a video of herself crying on her Instagram account, on which many people commented. Some of Mia’s fans and John Wall himself commented on the video. Many believe that John should be included in the team.

Broken hearts made in the caption: Let us tell you that along with the video of Mia Khalifa, a picture of John Wall has also been shared on his social media account. While posting the photo, he also told the condition of his broken heart in the caption. Mia Khalifa made a lot of broken heart emojis in the caption. Along with this, Mia Khalifa says that you will not support Washington Wizards.

Mia’s fans are very fond of her favorite celebrity. Many found Mia Khalifa’s sense of humor funny in the comment section. Along with this, many fans also forbade him to cry like this. This is not the first time that a video of Mia has gone viral. What she posts quickly grabs people’s attention.

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