Microsoft accidentally leaked the new Windows 12 interface

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Microsoft has reportedly revealed screenshots of an unnamed Windows user interface at its Ignite 2022 conference. The unnamed Windows User Interface is called Preview of Windows 12 UI. The company launched the latest laptops under the Surface line-up during the online event. However, the company revealed an image that appears to be a new version of the company’s flagship OS- Windows.

XDA Developers has suggested that this could be a future version of Windows. So, did Microsoft share Windows 12 secrets? Let’s check it out:

Microsoft Windows 12 preliminary design revealed

According to Windows Central, the image used to depict the Microsoft Teams application during the presentation may be part of the new interface. The report also revealed that Windows 12 may launch in 2024. Windows Central created a new model from the image to explain the new rumored interface. It showcases a new UI which is completely different from the current Windows user interface. The image shows the floating taskbar at the bottom of the screen and the system icons are located in the right corner. Whereas the floating search field is available in the top center. And the weather appears in the upper left corner of the image.

Windows Central reworked the design. Because he had already seen an internal presentation of a similar Windows 12 interface prototype with a similar layout. So, while the image above may not be an accurate representation of the new UI. It serves as a statement of what Microsoft Teams hopes to achieve with the upcoming release. Whose codename is “NextValley”.

touch friendly user interface

Microsoft is working to make the Windows UI as user friendly as possible. For both touch controls and keyboard and mouse input for many years. With Windows available in so many different formats, finding the right balance can be a challenge. Naturally, we’re considering tablets, computers, as well as hybrids like folding-screen PCs.

However it is not clear how such an image ended up in the middle of the Microsoft conference. This is probably not the most recent build of Windows 12. This example has the advantage of providing at least a general idea. It shows the possible direction in which Microsoft’s operating system could be headed.

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