missile and drone strikes again on zaporizzia, death toll rises to 11 – missile and drone strikes again on zaporizzia, death toll rises to 11

Kyiv, Oct 7 (AP) The death toll in Russian missile attacks on apartment buildings in a city in southern Ukraine has risen to 11. Meanwhile, for the first time, an explosives-laden drone hit Ukrainian-occupied Zaporizhzhya on Friday.

Officials gave this information.

Regional governor Oleksandr S. Said that Iran-made Shahed-136 drones carried out strikes in the city of Zaporizhzhya, causing damage to infrastructure. He said he was used there for the first time.

Ukraine’s emergency services said the death toll in Russian S-300 missile attacks a day earlier had risen to 11 and 21 people were rescued from the rubble of collapsed houses.

Recently Russia announced the merger of Zaporizhzhya province with its country, in defiance of international law. Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is located in this province.

Meanwhile, jailed rights activist Ales Bialiyatsky from Belarus, Russian group Memorial and Ukrainian organization Center for Civil Liberties have been announced this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The Ukrainian organization has been selected for the award at a time when Ukraine has been facing Russian attacks since February and the armies of the two countries are facing each other in several areas.

Moreover, for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the selection of an organization from Ukraine for the Nobel Peace Prize on his 70th birthday is nothing short of a shock.

Nobel Committee head Berit Rijn Andersen announced the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in Oslo, Norway.

Andersen said the committee wanted to honor “these three great advocates of human rights, democracy and peaceful coexistence in each other’s neighbors Belarus, Russia and Ukraine”.

“This year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners have revived Alfred Nobel’s idea of ​​peace and harmony among all nations by supporting human values ​​and legal principles and opposing military action,” he told reporters in Oslo. This is an idea that the world desperately needs today.”

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