missing girl found under stairs: girl found under stairs after two years news from new york

These days a news from America (USA Shocking News) has surprised everyone. Here a 4-year-old girl went missing in the year (Missing Girl). Now she’s got it. The girl, who was missing for more than two years, was found under a staircase in a New York house. He has been recovered from a secret dungeon built in a way. Saugerties Police Department said that they had received an information after which this hideout was raided. The baby was found on Monday night from a home in Sogarties, about 45 miles south of Albany. Please tell that the name of the girl is Paislee Shultis, now she is 6 years old. Officials said that she was in a secret basement in that house. After searching this house for an hour, they found that basement.

This cellar was under the stairs

After extensive searches, the girl was recovered from a room built under the stairs leading to the basement. Detective Eric Thiele suddenly notices that there is something strange in the stairs. When viewed from the light between the stairs, there was a blanket. After that he removed it and then he saw the baby girl.

finally got the girl

missing girl found under staircase news

The girl and her kidnapper were traced from this room. Later the medical examination of the girl was done. At present he is fine, he has been handed over to his elder sister. Paisley was reported missing from Cayuga Heights in July 2019. He had gone to the house from where the police had searched for the girl child. But he denied that the girl was there. Currently, Kimberly Cooper, Kirk Schultes Jr. and Kirk Schultes Sr. have been arrested in this case. He has been charged with kidnapping Paisley. Police investigation is still on.

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