Modi’s Sun is brighter than Rahul, makes Shah’s horoscope support successful. Modi’s Sun is brighter than Rahul, makes Shah’s horoscope support successful

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Even today in India, the most read page of the horoscope is read as soon as the newspaper arrives in the homes.

It is common even today to make a horoscope at the time of the birth of a child and to name it on the letters of the zodiac.

Everyone may have a different opinion on whether the zodiac signs have an effect on life or not. But if you look at the celebrities who have reached the post of Prime Minister in India till date and have not reached, then a very interesting story comes to the fore.

Famous astrologer Nastur Daruwala points out that two celebrities standing face to face in the current political scene are actually of the same amount. Current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi both belong to Scorpio.

People of Scorpio and Leo zodiac are also most likely to reach the post of Prime Minister. Despite this, in politics, if the support of someone else’s horoscope is supported, then the yoga of planets dominates.

In the 75 years since independence in India, 15 celebrities have reached the post of Prime Minister. Out of these 10 celebrities were from 5 zodiac signs Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio i.e. each zodiac had 2 prime ministers. Whereas the remaining 5 prime ministers belonged to the 5 zodiac signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries i.e. each zodiac had 1-1 prime minister. Only 2 zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini are such that no one has ever been a prime minister.

Know from Nastur Daruwala only, what is the effect of which zodiac sign in the path to the peak of power in the country. What are the chances of change of power in the combination of planets?

But in politics, work alone does not work…Narendra Modi’s horoscope gets the support of Amit Shah’s planets

Astrologer Nastur Daruwala says that in politics, sometimes it makes a lot of difference whether the horoscope of the people who are with you supports you or not. At present, the horoscope of Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets tremendous support from the horoscope of Home Minister Amit Shah. That’s why their decisions are right.

Next 7-8 years tough for Rahul Gandhi…Good yoga ahead

Astrologer Nastur Daruwala says that the zodiac sign of Rahul Gandhi is also Scorpio. Scorpio and Leo people have a good yoga to reach high positions. Yet Rahul Gandhi has not been able to get the expected success in politics so far.

According to Daruwala, the coming 7-8 years are tough for him. After these few years, the stars of Rahul Gandhi will support him a lot and it can also be speculated that he will also take over the power.

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