Most Polluted Rivers In the World 2022 New List Pakistan Ravi River on Top, University of York Study

Lahore: The Ravi River of Pakistan has been found to be the most polluted river in the world. Most dangerous bacteria have been found in the water of this river. In the list of the most polluted rivers in the world (Most Polluted Rivers in the World in 2022), the La Paz River of Latin American country Bolivia is in second place and the river system of Addis Ababa of African country Ethiopia is in third place. The team of researchers from York University River Pollution Study has also warned of serious danger to the population living on its banks, given the level of pollution of the rivers. In Bangladesh too, the level of pollution in rivers has been found to be many times higher than the norm.

Samples taken from 258 places in 104 countries
To arrive at this conclusion, the University of York analyzed 1,052 samples from 258 locations in 104 countries on all continents to determine the presence of drugs such as paracetamol, nicotine, caffeine, and traces of epilepsy and diabetes, according to the news published in the Dawn newspaper on Wednesday. figured out. According to this study, an average of 70.8 micrograms per liter of these drugs were found in the Ravi river flowing from Lahore, the capital of Punjab province of Pakistan, and in one sample the level reached 189 micrograms per liter.

Bolivia’s La Paz River ranks second
According to the study, Bolivia’s La Paz River is second in terms of pollution, whose water had an average level of 68.9 micrograms per liter of these drugs. The concentration of these pollutants in the river system of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa was 51.3 micrograms per liter. This research has found that the condition of rivers in low and middle income countries is very bad. Whereas, problems like dumping of garbage on the banks of rivers, lack of water treatment plants, falling of sewer water into the river have been found in urban areas.

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