Mukesh Khanna upset over ‘Shaktimaan’ director not being a Hindu? Actor told the truth – mukesh khanna clears rumor of him being unhappy with non hindu director working on shaktiman trilogy tmovs

Earlier this year, Sony Pictures announced with a short video that Indian superhero Shaktimaan would soon hit the big screen. Mukesh Khanna and his company, who brought Shaktimaan for the first time on TV, are also associated with this project. Along with the announcement of the film, it was also said that it will be a trilogy in which a big Bollywood star will be cast.

A few days later the news came that the makers want to cast Ranveer Singh in the film and they have also talked to him. However, no official confirmation came out on these reports. But with Ranveer’s name coming out, the excitement among the fans increased. But a big question was going on in the minds of the people that who will be the director of this ‘Shaktimaan’?

Director of Shaktimaan
Recently some reports said that director Basil Joseph, who won the hearts of the whole India with Malayalam superhero film ‘Minnal Murali’ in 2021, has been approached to direct ‘Shaktimaan’. Even before there was any official confirmation on this, a tweet came on social media that ‘Mukesh Khanna is not happy with a non-Hindu director being given the command of the film, while there are many Hindu touches in the story of Shaktimaan which only a Hindu director can do. can understand. But is it really so? The original Shaktimaan, Mukesh Khanna himself has now given a clarification on this matter.

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Sharing a note with Shaktimaan’s photo from his official Instagram handle, Mukesh Khanna wrote that such allegations are very disturbing. In his note, he wrote, ‘It will be a little early for me to talk about who will direct the film Shaktimaan. My producers (Sony and Brewing Thoughts) and I are discussing it. But it is disturbing that sarcasm is being made about a director and he is not a Hindu. A tweet has been made that I am not happy about being elected a non-Hindu director. Let me be clear: I didn’t say anything like that so I don’t know where it’s coming from. There is no real basis for such a thing.’

Mukesh also said that he respects the talented artist no matter what the religion and represents the idea of ​​Shaktimaan India. He wrote, ‘I have great respect for talented artists, irrespective of religion. Any such thing is very unnecessary and baseless. I request the fans of Shaktimaan not to believe any such information which is not coming to you officially from me or the producers. We haven’t signed anyone. Shaktimaan is the idea of ​​India. It’s bigger than anyone’s petty lie!’

Mukesh Khanna has taken a good step by bypassing the rumours, but the fans will be waiting for when the next official information on ‘Shaktimaan’ comes out from the makers.

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