Multibagger Stock: This stock made crorepati by investing Rs 44,000, do you have this stock – mutlibagger stock atul auto share price jumps to high to investor become crorepati only investing some thousands

Multibagger Stock: Shares of Atul Auto, a giant that manufactures three-wheelers like auto-rickshaw, tuk-tuk and e-rickshaw, have gained 38 per cent so far this month. In the long term, the rise of its shares has made investors millionaires on investments of less than Rs 50,000.

Today, on October 13, its shares closed at a price of Rs 259.10 (Atul Auto Share Price) with a jump of more than four percent on the BSE. This is just a short walk from a one-year record high. Its market cap is Rs 568.55 crore.

Made a millionaire on the investment of 44 thousand

Shares of Atul Auto were at a price of Rs 1.13 on December 30, 2002, which has increased by almost 229 times to Rs 259.10 in less than 20 years. This means that if only 44 thousand rupees had been invested in it at that time, it would have become a capital of more than 1 crore rupees by now.

Prices have jumped 78 percent in four months

Shares of Atul Auto had reached a one-year record high of Rs 270 on 4 November 2021 last year. However, after that it started declining and by June 21, 2022 this year, it fell about 46 percent to a price of Rs 145.10. After this, the trend returned again and so far it has jumped about 78.56 per cent and is now at a discount of just four per cent from the record level of one year.

Multibagger Stock: This auto company made a millionaire on the investment of one lakh, the trend of bumper boom going forward

Atul Auto details

According to the information given on the company’s website, the company started from the 70s of the last century and now it has more than one million three wheelers running on the roads around the world. It sells three wheelers in diesel, petrol, CNG, LPG and electric range.

Talking about the financial health of the company, according to the details given on BSE, the first quarter of the current financial year April-June 2022 was better for it. The company had a net loss of Rs 5.68 crore in the March 2022 quarter while it was Rs 4.24 crore in the next quarter. Talking about the revenue, it increased from Rs 85.86 crore to Rs 96.78 crore in April-June 2022 on a quarterly basis.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on share performance. It is important to mention that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always consult an expert before investing money as an investor. It is never advised to invest money here on behalf of Moneycontrol.

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