NATO Russia Nuclear Exercises: NATO & Russia To Hold Nuclear Exercises Despite Tensions In Ukraine And Putin Nuclear War Threat

Washington/Moscow: In the midst of the Ukraine war, now the situation in Russia and NATO has become very tense. Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted at a nuclear attack. At the same time, US President Joe Biden, who leads NATO, has given Putin the harshest warning ever on the nuclear threat. In the midst of all these threats, now both the 14 countries of NATO and Russia are going to do different exercises of fighting nuclear war. This nuclear exercise of NATO countries will be very comprehensive and B-52 nuclear bombers will also participate in it. America’s B-52 bombers are capable of dropping atomic bombs anywhere in the world.

NATO has named its nuclear exercise Steadfast Noon which will include fighter jets apart from the B-52 bomber. White House spokesman John Kirby gave this information. 14 countries of NATO are participating in this exercise. NATO Secretary-General John Stoltenberg said the exercise was planned long ago and if it is canceled it would send the wrong message about NATO’s commitment to Russian aggression.
To save Russia, Putin will have to wreak havoc in Ukraine, put Russian ‘butcher’ on the battlefield
Russia to launch ‘Grom’ in response to NATO’s ‘Steadfast Noon’
The NATO Secretary-General said that NATO’s firm behavior, our military capability, is the best way to prevent tensions. The US had twice in the past postponed the test of its Minuteman 3 missile in view of tensions with Russia over Ukraine war and tensions with China over Taiwan. The US finally tested this missile on 16 August. At the same time, US officials have predicted that Russia will also go ahead with its large-scale nuclear exercise very soon.

This nuclear exercise of Russia is happening for the second time after the exercise conducted in February 2022. Putin himself witnessed the February exercise. It was carried out with sea, land, air-to-air missiles and cruise missiles and other weapons. Kirby said, “We expect that Russia will also move forward with its annual strategic nuclear exercise.” Russia has named it Grom and can do it only in this month.’ Both these exercises are expected to further flare up the ongoing tensions with Ukraine.
If Russia did a nuclear attack, then 15000 people of Ukraine would have a sex party, got the registration of ‘celebration in devastation’ done
Russia- this exercise of NATO can provoke further tension
Earlier on September 21, Putin warned that Russia would use all measures to defend its land. He said it was not a sham. On the other hand, the NATO Secretary General said that he would fully monitor Russia’s nuclear exercise day and night. Nuclear affairs expert Hans Christen believes that both these exercises are normal, but we do not know what is being practiced. He said that there is every danger that Russia could provoke tension in the region by citing the example of this NATO exercise.

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