Ned Vs Pak, 2nd ODI: Fans Makes Babar Azams English Mockery, Social Media Says Ever Sarfraz Ahmed Is Better Than You, Video

Ned vs Pak: Babar Azam’s English Spoken’s style-e-statement is also different!

special things

  • Supporters also came to the rescue of Babur.
  • “Babar is not the best batsman in the world because he speaks English”
  • English and Pakistani Cricketer!

New Delhi:

Pakistan defeated the Netherlands by seven wickets on Thursday, but after the match, the topic of discussion loudly remains Babar Azam’s English. The manner in which Babar (Babar Azama’s spoken English) responded at the award distribution ceremony has become a matter of much entertainment for the fans. Now you already know how the Pakistani players have had a relationship with the English. The whole world is aware of this that there is a very special relationship between the English language and Pakistani players, which keeps showing glimpses from time to time. Whether it was former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq or any other captain or other players in the last few decades, these stalwarts who got rid of bowlers’ sixes have had a very tight hand in English. Because of this, they have been making fun of him. And now that it’s the age of social media, you can’t escape. This is the reason that this time social media has targeted Babar Azam. However, there are fans here, including Indians, who have openly come to the rescue of the Pakistan captain.

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Before Babar Azam, the previous captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was also pulled up by the fans on many occasions, but this time Babar Azam gave this opportunity to social media. And when you get a chance, you see for yourself… first listen to Babar’s English and then see the comments of the fans.

Check out what fans are saying

Babar’s supporters have also come to the rescue.

Babar’s supporters say that he is not the best batsman in the world because of speaking English. Your words have some point

You see some Indians are also with Babur

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