Neither the hassle of the machine nor the monitoring … Scientists invented blood pressure measuring tattoo

Blood Pressure Tattoo: Today, a large number of people around the world are complaining of blood pressure (BP). There is a need for BP measuring machine in every household. It is directly related to diseases ranging from heart disease to diabetes and kidney. Doctors recommend to get BP checked regularly. Smartphones etc. have also come with features to monitor blood pressure. But, these often depend on the light sensor. As such they are not very reliable. Now scientists from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University have developed the tattoo. It can monitor blood pressure accurately for up to 300 minutes.

Roozbeh Jaffrey, a professor of biomedical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering at Texas A&M University, named it cough-less blood pressure technology. He was also the co-leader of this project.

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The hassle of monitoring blood pressure is over
Jaffrey and his team together invented e-tattoo. After applying this tattoo, all the hassle of keeping an eye on people’s blood pressure ends. It helps in monitoring BP every time you sleep, wake up, exercise and stress. Jaffrey explains that the sensor of the tattoo is weightless. You can’t even see it. It doesn’t even budge.

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Just like you used to stick temporary tattoos in chewing gum in childhood, these tattoos also get applied on the skin in the same way. E-tattoos are waterproof. They can be applied for up to 24 hours. They are made of graphene. The tattoo measures BP by shooting electrical current into the skin. It monitors the body’s response to changes in blood volume. In scientific language, this technology is called bioimpedance.

E-tattoo developed with their help
This is not the first e-tattoo to provide information on health. There are examples of biosensor technology even before this. These include a tattoo measuring the lactate level in sweat. This is commonly used by athletes. It alerts them when they do not want to have more physical exertion. The Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health funded the development of the blood pressure tattoo. The findings were published in June in Nature Nanotechnology.

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