Nepal US MCC China News: Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba Government In Crisis As Prachanda Threatens To Quit Over US Backed Aid Pact MCC

India’s neighboring country Nepal is once again engulfed in a political storm. This time too, China is at the center of the ongoing political ruckus in Nepal. Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, the leader of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre), a partner in the ruling Sher Bahadur Deuba government of Nepal, has warned that he will leave the government. Prachanda made this threat to the Deuba government when it was going to present it in Parliament a few hours later to implement the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of America.

Under the MCC, the US government wants to give $ 500 million to Nepal, but the pro-China faction of Nepal is opposing it. CPN Maoist leader in parliament Dev Prasad Gurung said, “If the government tries to implement it, it is time for the government to break the alliance.” The quality of roads in Nepal is to be improved through US assistance of $ 500 million. Apart from this, the availability of electricity is to be increased and electricity trade is to be done between Nepal and India.
Nepalese PM, preparing to give a big blow to China, will make a big announcement before visiting India!
US threatens Nepal over MCC
For MCC to be implemented, it needs to be passed in Parliament. Prachanda’s party has asked PM Deuba to come to a consensus with his allies on this US aid. Earlier, America had threatened Nepal regarding MCC. The US asked Nepal to ratify the proposed grant-in-aid agreement under the Millennium Challenge Corporation by February 28. If Nepal does not accept 500 million US dollars in aid, it will review its relations with it and believe that the deal failed because of China.

Sher Bahadur Deuba, who came to power last year, has assured the US that it will give its nod to the MCC in the current winter session of Parliament. On the other hand, Prachanda and his supporters say that this US aid will undermine the country’s constitution, which is part of its Indo-Pacific strategy. He also says that America can use Nepal’s land against China.
US Nepal Tension: Nepal trapped in US vs China, Biden administration said on delay in MCC agreement – decide priority
Sri Lanka rejected the MCC agreement under Chinese pressure!
Nepal and the US had signed the MCC agreement in 2017. US Secretary of State’s aide Donald Lu had separate telephonic conversations on Thursday with Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, CPN-Maoist Center chief Pushpakamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ and chief opposition CPN-UML chairman KP Sharma Oli on Thursday. Had it. According to sources in the ruling Nepali Congress Party, Donald Lu warned that ‘if the Nepalese political leadership fails to support the MCC compact grant within the set deadline of February 28, the US will have to review its relations with Nepal. will be forced to do so.

Earlier last year, Sri Lanka also rejected the MCC agreement under pressure from China. After this the US canceled its proposed $480 million aid. Under the MCC, 30 countries have become partners worldwide and so far 13 billion 500 million dollars have been given in aid. At the same time, China is opposing this American aid. Demonstrations are also being held in many parts of the country regarding MCC.

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