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New Look Yamaha:- Yamaha RX 100 will be a big hit on the Royal Family,

Even more killer in the new look, see its cool features, Yamaha RX 100 will also be launched soon. Once upon a time, the first choice of youth and the dream of children, this motorcycle is once again in discussion after the sudden production shutdown of Yamaha RX 100 and after almost three decades have passed.

Dhansu model of Yanaha RX 100 is going to be launched soon

New Look Yamaha:-Yamaha RX 100 will launch soon are interesting too. But now there is talk of its relaunch and Yamaha itself has admitted that they are working on a new model of this motorcycle. It will also be launched soon.

New Look Yamaha: There are many stories behind the discontinuation of RX100, one of Yamaha’s true legend bikes, but the fact is that the production of this two-stroke bike was stopped in 1996 as it was not meeting the pollution norms. Was. Several generations were later launched, with the RXZ and RX135 being the most popular, but both were later discontinued for the same reasons.

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New Look Yamaha:- Now the question arises whether the RX100 will return to its former glory, or will it be lost to oblivion by becoming just an average driven bike like any other 100 cc bike. Let us know the story of this motorcycle from its history till date.

Yamaha RX 100’s new boom will be heavy on good cars

New Look Yamaha:-Yamaha RX100 was the choice of enthusiasts. The reason for this was its Decent round headlight look, sleek body, light weight and great pickup. The RX 100 used to be the highest pickup among two stroke bikes. Although the top speed of the motorcycle was much lower than that of today’s bikes, the initial torque can beat many of today’s bikes.

This bike of the 90s still remains in the headlines among the people, many people are driving it by modified car. Now that the engine itself will be completely replaced, it will not be wrong to say that the old RX100 will not have the same feel. Also, due to the change of engine from two stroke to 4 stroke, the punch of the motorcycle will end somewhere. But it will be Futuristic and will be prepared according to today.

Seeing its success, Yamaha decided to launch this bike in the Indian markets as well. In 1983, Yamaha in association with Escorts Group introduced the Indian version of the RD-350 named “Ambassador-350”. Racing enthusiasts were here, but they were few in number compared to overseas. The economy of the country was also rural and agricultural. The market did not open. In such a situation, people got away from it due to its expensive prices.

Yamaha company is now going to launch RX 100 bike from back, let’s know its great features. Also offering alloy wheels, this bike can knock in an affordable segment.

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New Look Yamaha:- Ishin Chihana, Chairman, Yamaha India had said during an interview some time ago that the company is planning to relaunch the RX100. But now the big thing is how the two stroke RX100 will be launched.

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