news about Prithvi India first indigenously developed ballistic missile: 34 years ago when the world saw the picture of powerful India, read the story of the country’s first missile

Although, soon after independence, India had made strides in the field of space and atomic energy, but then the situation was not so easy. There were two factions in the world. India was under the shadow of sanctions. With Homi Jehangir Bhabha commissioning Asia’s first Atomir reactor in 1956, the country’s hopes began to rise. Meanwhile, the country had to fight the wars of 1962 and then 1965 and finally 1971. Scientists and the government of the country had understood that to become powerful, we need weapons like missiles and atomic bombs as soon as possible. Despite being a peace loving country, it was necessary for India to do so in terms of deterrence, so that the enemy could not dare to raise its eyes towards India. The year was 1988, four years to the assassination of Indira Gandhi and on February 25, India conducted its first missile test. This was a strong presence of India in the world map.

That’s 34 years ago…


Giving a message to the enemies of the country, our scientists have shown that India is now capable of giving a befitting reply. It is 34 years since this incident. Then India successfully test-fired the surface-to-surface Prithvi missile. After this the country’s missile program got stronger. The country’s defense scientists are now moving towards making a new class of ultra-modern weapons that can strike at a speed of 6 times faster than the speed of sound (Mach 6 i.e. more than 7,400 kmph).

When Rajiv Gandhi announced in the Parliament, India…

At such a time, if we look back in history, it is known how much India’s strength had increased on the day of 25 February 1988. The historic launch was announced by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in both the houses of the Parliament. This was news related to the pride and honor of the country. On that day, every member present in the Parliament roared the mighty India, beating the table with pride. India had got such a weapon which had the power to destroy the enemy in an area of ​​250 km and this was just the beginning.

Kalam had a big role

Describing the launch, Rajiv Gandhi spoke of self-reliant India. He insisted that the world does not know how and with whose help our missile was prepared. While answering the questions of the members in the Rajya Sabha, Rajiv Gandhi had clearly said that this is completely India’s own defense missile. He had said that as a peace loving country, India would continue to work for peace. Former President and Missile Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam had the biggest contribution in this launch. Actually, he had conceived it and in July 1983, the government gave green signal to the program to develop Prithvi, Agni and Akash missiles.

China and Pakistan under the control of Indian missiles

In the following decades after the launch of Prithvi, India developed a number of conventional and tactical missiles that can destroy targets ranging from 250 km to 5,000 km. In September 2020, DRDO successfully test-fired the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) for the first time. Congratulating DRDO on this achievement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that with the help of the scramjet engine developed by our scientists, we can fly 6 times faster than the speed of sound. He further wrote that in today’s time only a few countries have this capability. Officials say that India can prepare hypersonic cruise missiles in the next four years. The indication is clear that India is now moving towards preparing world class weapons to meet the challenges of the future.

Now India is also exporting

Currently, only the US, Russia and China have the technology of hypersonic missiles. It can hit its target while flying at low altitude and it is also very difficult to track or intercept. India has now started exporting weapons as well as manufacturing them. In December 2020, the Indian government approved the sale of Akash missile systems to friendly countries. India has set a defense export target of $5 billion by 2024. Last month, India signed a deal for the BrahMos cruise missile with the Philippines. After 1988, today India has become even more powerful in these three decades. Be it China or Pakistan, they know that India has such weapons which can do great harm to them.

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