No Man’s Sky to Release Waypoint Update, Adds Relaxed Mode, Switch Bonuses and More

After a long wait of cautious optimism and nerves, No Man’s Sky is finally on Switch and Hello Games is rolling out a new update to go with it. While the update is set to go live immediately on all previous consoles, the team has reported that it could take some time. little Long time to land on switch:

The Waypoint Update is currently through certification with Nintendo and awaits release, which should happen very soon and within the launch window.

Update 4.0, called ‘Waypoint’, is set to bring a whole host of new features to the game, from new mechanics and custom game modes to crafting trees and new asteroid variants. All of this is to say that the game is set to get a whole lot bigger.

One of the newly introduced features that immediately caught our eye is Waypoint’s ‘Relaxed Mode’, which, as you might have guessed, serves to give the game a little more rest. This means you’ll still be able to get the full No Man’s Sky experience without any danger.

Although we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to approve the update before we can get our hands on all the new features, Waypoint Intergalactic also brings some Switch-specific rewards to the table — so we guess We can forgive the delay. Simply by connecting to the No Man’s Sky server first 7 NovemberSwitch users can redeem the Horizon Vector NX Starship and Infinite Neon Mark XXII Multi-Tool as post-launch gifts.

There’s a lot to unpack in the Waypoint Update and a full list of patch notes can be found on the No Man’s Sky official site. The fact that it’s not on Switch means we have a chance to catch up with the first launch game, which will certainly make the update sweeter.

What do you understand by Waypoint Additions? We’re working on our review of the game as we speak, but in the meantime, let us know your thoughts by blasting it in the comments!

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