No Man’s Sky update 4.0 streamlines game for Waypoint, Switch launch

No Man’s Sky update 4.0 streamlines game for Waypoint, Switch launch

no man’s sky Friday gets a big new update with its launch on the Nintendo Switch. The update, called Waypoint, brings the game to version 4.0 and does a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s balance and structure – though it doesn’t add much new content.

Developer Hello Games said Waypoint is designed to help new and returning players make sense of a game that has had 21 major updates in the six years since initially launched, and Switch players. To provide a more “pick-up and play” experience. It also focuses on improving quality of life for the dedicated no man’s sky community.

There’s a new Relaxed Mode that aims to be a streamlined, faster and less tedious way to see the sights and features of this massive space exploration game. Custom game modes allow survival, crafting, combat, controls and accessibility settings to be adjusted to each player’s play style.

Long-term players will benefit from an overhauled inventory system that increases the number of ships, weapons, and level limits for players, as well as a new milestone system, new collectibles, and improved mission content.

And if, like me, you played no man’s sky Years ago and intrigued by the idea of ​​returning to a raft of long-forgotten game saves and new systems, a new information portal will break down all of your progress and goals.

There’s more to pore over patch notes.

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