No Man’s Sky: Waypoint Update Is the Game’s ‘Greatest Generational Jump So Far’

Hello Games has announced that No Man’s Sky’s 4.0 update, called Waypoint, will be released today, and said it is the “biggest generational leap ever” for the game.

The 21st major update brings both a design and balance overhaul, along with hundreds of quality-of-life improvements, as Hello Games attempts to integrate all of its previous content into a more cohesive gameplay experience.

Its inventory system is an example of this, as players, ships, and weapons now have a “very high” level cap. Milestones have also been updated and a new information portal makes it easier for returning players to take back No Man’s Sky for a summary of their goals and progress.

No Man’s Sky Waypoint Update

New gameplay modes have also been added, with a relaxed mode allowing players to enjoy the game on pure survival as an exploration and sandbox game. Customizable controls for survival, crafting, and combat have all been added as well, however, meaning players can shape the experience to match their own play style.

Noting that Waypoint also marks the full 4.0 move for No Man’s Sky, Hello Games said it’s as much about laying the foundations for the future as it is about improving what’s already in the game.

“Leap From Version 3.0” To 4.0 is probably our biggest generational leap ever. This is an exciting moment, and a solid foundation for future updates,” it said.

“As we continue to do, No Man’s Sky launches on Switch with its first major update, and it’s no coincidence that many of our changes to No Man’s Sky bring more pick-up and access to new and returning players. Play focuses on creating experiences. That mobile platform. ,

The Nintendo Switch version was also released. Today, 7 October. Hello Games founder Sean Murray said in June that It “feels both completely natural and completely impossible at the same time”As the procedural generation of No Man’s Sky meant that a Switch port was “a real moonlight for our little team”.

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