No stand- no game plan… Miss India Manya’s magic didn’t work in Bigg Boss, will be out of the show? – bigg boss 16 contestant and Miss India 2020 Manya Singh disappoints fans in every way know details tmovf

The combination of beauty with brain is a Miss India. A Miss India is judged on the scale of beauty with glamorous style, spot response and sharp mind. Perhaps thinking this, the makers of Bigg Boss called Miss India runner up Manya Singh on the show, but now it seems that they must be regretting their decision.

Manya Singh is disappointed

When Manya Singh became Miss India runner up, she was discussed the most. The reason was Manya’s inspiring story. Manya is the daughter of an auto rickshaw driver. In such a situation, she encouraged many girls like herself to dream by becoming Miss India runner up. In Bigg Boss 16 too, Manya was brought in with the same thought that she would come on the show and make a difference in her inspiring journey. Will set an example. With a glamorous style, the show will be tempered and the echo of women’s power will be carried from house to house. But it has to be said with great regret that she is not able to do this.

Everyone had high expectations from Manya, because she won Miss India by leaving behind many girls. He had raised his flag. But the same Manya Singh is proving to be a super flop in Bigg Boss 16. Seeing Manya, it seems that she has no voice of her own. Simply put, Manya has proved the statement ‘Nari Sab Par Bhari’ completely wrong, as there is no existence of Manya in the show.

Manya is afraid to raise her voice

Manya neither has her own issue in the show nor does she interfere in the issues of others. Manya is unable to call wrong as wrong and right as right. People did not expect this from their Miss India at all, who could not raise their voice for their own rights, not for the people around them.

Being in Bigg Boss house or not having Manya Singh is the same. Despite having more than 100 cameras in the show, Manya does not appear. In Tuesday’s episode, when Bigg Boss asked to name two such contestants who have the least contribution in the house, most of the family members took the name of Manya Singh. Bigg Boss also said in clear words that these are the contestants, more than that the furniture of the show is visible on the screen. Manya has disappointed everyone with her dull personality in the show and continues to do so.

Manya’s real life journey has been so inspiring. She faced a lot of difficulties and won the title of Miss India Runnerup. If Manya had played with her heart and mind, she could have become the idol of so many girls from her journey. She could have given him the courage and courage to become something in life. Could be a role model. But alas, Manya is losing such a big golden chance. Perhaps she does not even realize this, if she had, then she would have contributed a little bit to the show.

Manya became irritating for the people

Seeing the missing, scared, lost Manya, now the members of the house along with the audience are getting bored. Contestants seem to be getting away from whomever Manya used to go to, because Manya has started feeling irritating to everyone. Now it seems that Manya has also made a mistake by coming on the show, because till yesterday, Manya, who was seen in a role model’s room, has now got the tag of a weak, scared girl in her name. This in itself is quite disappointing.

Today’s woman is domineering, impeccable, bold, bold and with high spirits. They are no less than anyone. But none of these quality has been seen in Manya so far. What is your opinion about Miss India runner up Manya Singh?

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