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Selling old smartphones sometimes becomes a very difficult task. People get attached to their smartphone and keep the old one even after buying a new one. Slowly the phone gets worse.

After many years, seeing that phone during cleaning, many of you must have thought that it should have been sold. Because now it will not get any value and e-waste will get accumulated in your house. Yes, if your memories are attached to that phone, then it is your choice.

However, these days people often exchange old phones in the affair of deals. Exchange offers keep coming on e-commerce websites every day.

Under most exchange offers, you are at a loss. The value of the phone is put to you low and since you find it easy and have to buy a new phone too, you go through the route of exchange offer.

Instead of putting your phone in the exchange offer, you should list it on the selling website. There are other websites like OLX where you can sell smartphones. But here also you have to be mindful.

Bring the phone in decent condition, clean it and turn it on, check the battery. Find the box, collect the adapter and charger as well. If there is a need and an expensive smartphone, then you can also buy a charger so that all the things in the box are completed.

Now you upload good pictures of your smartphone by clicking on similar websites. On websites like OLX, ad post is free, but you have to pay for featured post and boost post.

Do not boost the ad, you can boost it by investing a little money or keep it in the featured area. In such a situation, you will get customers faster and you will be able to value your phone according to you.

You do not put the value of your phone in the exchange offer. Even if you have bought a phone of 1 lakh, if you are getting only 20 thousand in exchange for this, then you will have to be satisfied with this.

Apart from this method, another way is to ask people around you. If no buyer is found, then you can find out by visiting the nearest smartphone shop. Because generally there are some markets in every city where old phones are bought and sold.

In those markets, your phones will be sold at decent value and from there you will be able to buy good smartphones at half the price. Do not forget to reset the phone properly before selling the phone.

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Apart from personal ad post websites, there are also websites like Cashify. Go to these websites and enter your phone details. After this you will be told the value of the phone, if you like it, then these people will send someone to your house and collect the phone and give money.

Sometimes Amazon or Flipkart vouchers are also available on these websites. On selecting the option with vouchers, you will get a slightly higher rate than the normal rate. You can also shop for that money from Amazon or Flipkart.

These are some of the ways by which you can get the right value of your old phone. There will be many of you who will also know about some other methods. Do tell us in the comments so that those who sell old smartphones get their right rate.

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