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Just like a human needs air and water to live. Similarly, it seems that Salman Khan and Rakhi Sawant are needed for the high TRP of reality show Bigg Boss. Did it sound strange? Hey brother, what should we do… it happens every time.

Be it a full time contestant in season 1 of Bigg Boss, premiere entry in season 4, grand finale of season 5 or season 6 of Bigg Boss, 14, 15 means any season. The appearance of Rakhi has become like a sanjeevani booti. Like the Ram of this Big Boss Ramayana is Salman Khan, who kills the entry as a host even if he does not do it every year. Similarly, Rakhi Sawant has become a Sanjeevani booti. Those who often come to breathe life in the dying show.

There was not a slight drop in the dose of entertainment that… here Rakhi reached for her drama queen stint. Famous for their own style, the convergence of Salman Khan and Rakhi Sawant proves to be a dose of tremendous entertainment. Whoever the contestant is, but when these two come, the viewers get…entertainment…entertainment…and just entertainment.

We are not saying this just like that. We have proof! Those iconic moments when Rakhi raised the temperature of Bigg Boss TRP such that the makers called her again and again. Read the full news then…

1. Salman Khan appeared in Rakhi’s dream: If you are a fan of Bigg Boss then you cannot forget this scene. When these two life-giving booties of Bigg Boss were face to face. During season 6 of Bigg Boss, Rakhi got a chance to stay with the contestants for a few days. When Salman called him out and asked that you had a dream yesterday. What did you see? On this Rakhi said that she danced with Salman Khan in her dream. He saw dreams full of heaven and also saw Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan. If Salman’s expressions and one liners don’t make you laugh, then say so!

2. Rakhi’s Julie Act, Bhootni Became Scared: Meaning this is also something to be forgotten! Rakhi appeared in her full drama queen avatar in Bigg Boss 14. He made a scary face by putting on make-up and called Julie’s spirit inside him. Rakhi scared the people of Bigg Boss house as Julie and acted as if she was auditioning for Ram Gopal Varma’s film.

3. Rubina’s husband Abhinav was heartbroken: These acts of Rakhi only add to the full temper of entertainment. Those who cannot think, they do Rakhi. One such time Rakhi wrote the name of Abhinav Shukla on her entire body. She confesses that she is in love with Rubina Dilaik’s husband Abhinav. By writing Abhinav’s name on her body, Rakhi had hit the rounds in the entire house wearing a sports bra and shorts. Not only this, he had also raised the heights of his love.

4. Rakhi showered on Arshi Khan: You cannot forget this moment of Bigg Boss, because even Yash Raj Mukhate had made a rant on it. Rakhi bottle was thrown in the swimming pool. So how can Rakhi not find out who did this? Rakhi asks after looking into the camera of Bigg Boss, Arshi Khan leaves from the front. One, the anger of Rakhi being thrown at the bottle, gave a passing shot to the camera from it. Just the volcano inside Rakhi erupted and listen to what became of it.

5. Opinion of Dr. Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi has probably made the most of Bigg Boss season 14. Rakhi also became the bride of Rahul Vaidya, quarreled with him, then advised him as a doctor. Rakhi said that she has obtained MBBS degree from Canada. Rakhi told that potatoes must be eaten, because of this the blockages of the heart are opened. Those who have gas problem, they should eat it daily.

These were the few moments of Rakhi that we found very funny. By the way, Rakhi is often seen hitting full on tadka in the show. There are reports that she will take entry in Bigg Boss this season as well. But only Big Boss knows when and how. Entertainment’s Daily Dose show is going to start from October 1. Stay with us for complete updates.

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