Now an insult to Modi’s mother Hiraba! Smriti’s gutter hit on ‘Neech’, Italia’s counterattack. PM Modi’s mother’s entry in the low comment controversy, Smriti raised questions on rituals, then Italia retaliated

Ahmedabad: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has high hopes from the Gujarat Assembly elections. If you look at Kejriwal’s tours, AAP’s focus is on Gujarat, not Himachal. In such a situation, when AAP wants to break into BJP’s strongest bastion, then state party chief Gopal Italia is in controversy. First, the PM is accused of insulting women and then Heera Ba, who is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother, is accused of insulting her. From Union Minister Smriti Irani to all the state leaders are directly attacking Arvind Kejriwal through Gopal Italia for the derogatory language for Hira Ba. He says a person with such abusive language is being raised in you. Kejriwal’s support. Looking at the past, you will find that whenever anyone has used derogatory language against PM Modi, he has to bear the brunt.

So far the humiliation has been heavy
Mani Shankar Aiyar 2017 statement or comparison of Sonia Gandhi’s death with Saudagar in the past. All the opposition was defeated. So in such a situation, the big question is, knowing this, why are you aggressive instead of defense and damage control? Does the party want to challenge the BJP through negative canvassing, so that it is seen fighting with the BJP in the state? So the second question is why suddenly a new party has become so important for BJP instead of Congress, that old statements of its chief have to be issued? Who is doing wrong in the whole matter, it will be clear in the election results. It is certain that the BJP has again made an issue of insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Remember in the 2014 elections, when Narendra Modi was the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, the slogan in the whole country was ‘Abki Baar Modi Sarkar’ but it was not so in Gujarat, the slogan in Gujarat was Aapno Narendra, Aapno PM (Apna Narendra) -your prime minister). The BJP had linked this local identity. The party is doing the same thing through Gujarat Gaurav Yatra.

Gopal Italia: PM’s visits were a gimmick, Gujarat AAP chief did ‘dirty talk’ on Modi, BJP attacked
‘AAP’ adopted a different stand
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Saurashtra in the area of ​​bitter Patidars that Congress is silent, not speaking. What have I not been told before? Maut ka Saudagar… But this time Congress has outsourced the work of abusing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not take names, but clarified a lot. What Gopal Italia had said in the four-year-old video had already come to the notice of the Prime Minister. Now in the new video, Italia is questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as bringing Hira Ba in the middle. Where Smriti Irani made a very sharp attack on this at the center, many leaders including former Home Minister Gordhan Zadafia are aggressive in Gujarat. The buzz is that many more videos are yet to come. In such a situation, the big question is, how will the Aam Aadmi Party survive the BJP’s video war? Because now we are talking about rituals. It is not that your strategists are not looking at all this, when you felt that the oath of Rajendra Pal Gautam could harm Gujarat, then took resignation, but it is not so in the case of Gopal Italia. The party is linking it to Patidar self-respect and taking it to Sardar Patel. This is probably because Gujarat does not have as many Dalit voters as there are in Punjab.

Italia did not bow down, Irani was attacked
For now, instead of education and health in Gujarat, the discussion has focused on humiliation and culture. Gopal Italia reached Rajkot from Delhi and had darshan of Khodiyar Mata at Khodaldham. After this Gopal Italia hit out at the tweet of Kendriya Smriti Irani. Italia said BJP hates Patidars. Shot fired in the Patidar movement, if he escaped from the bullet, now he is getting a false FIR done. Then Italia said that the BJP has a problem that how the boy of Patel society became the state president. Italia said that the public is asking for work and BJP is telling my video. If I have done something bad, shoot me. Italia asked that if I want to attack with old videos then why cut my videos of Hardik Patel, Varun Patel and Jawahar Chavda too. Italia said that I bow to the mother of PM sahib, but at the same time Italia retaliated on Smriti Irani and said that she is only worrying about one mother. Smriti requests sister to not only Modi’s mother but worry about everyone. Irani tweeted that there is no place for your perverted mentality in civilized society of Gujarat. Senior Journalist Deepal Trivedi She says that Aam Aadmi Party is presenting the whole matter as anti-Patidar BJP, it is not so easy because the command of the state is with a person from Patel community. There are seven Patel ministers in the cabinet. Be it Keshubhai’s rebellion or Anandiben’s departure after the Patidar movement, the majority of the Patidars remained with the BJP. I think AAP’s attempt is to attract that section of Patidars who are not supporters of BJP. Because of this, you are on the front foot on this issue, because after Hardik’s departure, the Congress does not have any vocal Patidar leader. That’s one possibility I see.

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