Now you can use Android apps on Windows 11, many great features will also be available

Now Windows 11 can officially support Android. Microsoft has announced that over 1,000 apps and games are now available on Windows 11 from the Amazon Appstore.

Windows 11

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Windows 11 One of the most important things about it is its Android apps (android apps) to support. Microsoft (Microsoft) has explained how Android apps will work on Windows, although it was not ready in time for users to experience it. Last month, Microsoft said that Android app support would arrive in February, along with some updates. And now Windows 11 now Amazon Appstore (Amazon App Store) to download and use the Android app, however, it is still in preview. Microsoft has announced that over 1,000 apps and games are now available on Windows 11 from the Amazon Appstore.

This is a catalog compared to what was available on Windows 11 during the testing period. Games like Uber, Audible, TikTok and Subway Surfers are now available for download but you have to decide whether your PC will support them or not. Microsoft has some minimum system requirements that your PC needs to meet, such as 8GB of RAM, an SSD, and a compatible processor.

How to Preview Android Apps on Windows 11

According to Panos Pana, Chief Product Officer of Windows + Devices at Microsoft, “To get started with Preview, open Microsoft Store and Update (click on Microsoft Store > Library > Get updates) Search your favorite topic or mobile app and Explore our newly curated collection of games. When you find what you’re looking for, download them through the Amazon Appstore.”

Native Android support possible on new Windows

Even though Android apps are not new to Windows, they can be used with emulators like BlueStacks. But Windows 11 eliminates the need for emulators by supporting native Android apps. This means that Windows 11 will run Android apps the same way as Windows apps. But since these apps are not meant to run in large screen formats, you will mostly see them in vertical mode. Microsoft said native Android support is possible on its new Windows due to the Windows Subsystem for Android, which runs the Amazon AppStore in a Hyper-V virtual machine and interacts with the Android API.

Now Windows 11 can officially support Android. This also means that the support is not limited to Amazon only. Which is why Google a few days ago launched the Play Games app for Windows in select countries, which brings official Android games played on your phone to your PC.

The Android app is probably the biggest thing that is coming with the February update of Windows, along with other features.

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