Nurse packed alive patient in body bag sent to morgue and sent to morgue the next day…

A hospital has been accused of keeping the patient alive in a body bag and keeping it in the morgue. Due to this alleged negligence, the 55-year-old patient actually died. Now an investigation has been set up against the hospital staff in this matter.

The case is of Perth, Australia. According to Business News, 55-year-old Kevin Reid was admitted to Rockingham General Hospital for treatment. But on September 5, the nurses of the hospital, believing Kevin to be dead, packed the body in a body bag.

Surprisingly, the patient was not declared dead by the doctors. The nurses themselves considered him dead and packed him in a body bag and kept him in the morgue. The matter came to light the next morning when a team of doctors arrived to examine the body.

Actually, Kevin donated his organs before he died. So a team of expert doctors reached the morgue to examine his dead body. When the doctors saw the dead body, his eyes were open. There was blood coming out of his mouth. The blood was fresh. In such a situation, the doctors got suspicious.

She asked for the death certificate from the nurses but she was unable to give the certificate. Because the hospital doctor had not declared the patient dead.

Nurses’ negligence exposed

In this way, the negligence of the nurses was exposed in front of the doctors who went to investigate the morgue. A member of the investigation team said that the patient was probably alive and the body was scrambling to come out of the bag. But later he actually died of suffocation. It was told that the patient’s eyes were open, there was blood on his gown. His position in the body bag had changed.

The member of the investigation team also said that no doctor was called to certify the death, which is a standard procedure. At present, after these allegations, investigation has been started against the hospital.

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