NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 now clocked with up to 3.2 GHz GPU and 25 Gbps memory overclock

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 memory has been increased to 25 Gbps

The RTX 4090 may have higher overclocking capabilities than expected.

We’ve already seen the RTX 4090 go up to 3.0 GHz or even 3.1 GHz maximum frequency and TDP up to 600W. However, the new screenshot from @wnxod may suggest that the clock rate may be even higher under specific, but sadly unknown circumstances.

Before we jump to conclusions, the 3.2 GHz GPU clock below is not possible with all cards. In fact, we don’t know anything about TDP settings or voltage-frequency curves. More importantly, we don’t know which workload was used. Such high clocks are commonly seen in CPU-bound tests, such as low-resolution synthetic benchmarks.

What is worth noting here is the memory clock. The 1562.7 MHz clock rate means that the effective memory speed is 25003 Mbps, a 4 Gbps overclock that increases the maximum bandwidth from 1 TB/s to 1.2 TB/s. Whether this has any impact on actual performance, we’ll know soon when the reviews go live next week.

Such a memory overclock would be even better than the RTX 3090 Ti, which had the same 21 Gbps memory default clock. Maximum memory overclock was typically reaching 1500MHz on the high-end custom samples tested by TechPowerUP:

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Custom Card Overclocked, Source: TechPowerUp

Based on our conversations with reviewers, it’s relatively easy to break the 3.0 GHz clock on the RTX 4090 GPU, but 3.1 or even 3.2 GHz may not be typical, especially on a Power Lock GPU.

The main question is, how likely is the RTX 4090 card to reach such overclocking settings and is it just an outlier in very specific circumstances, or something that extreme overclockers will take advantage of when breaking new world records? Those questions are likely to be answered on October 11, the date on which the first RTX 4090 reviews are to be published.

Source: @wnxod

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