Old Monk is India’s oldest rum, today it is being supplied in 50 countries, people like it very much all over the world

New Delhi: There is no dearth of wine lovers in the country and abroad. The number of its fans is continuously increasing. A large number of people also drink alcohol in the country. But do you know which is the oldest rum in the country. Today this rum is being supplied in 50 countries. Its magic is speaking on Indians for almost a century. At one time its market was going down continuously but today it sells 8 million bottles in a year. This figure is similar since 2002. Let us tell you which rum is this and what is so special about it that people like it so much.

was launched in 1954
The name of the rum we are talking about is Old Monk. Old Monk rum originated from Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh around 1855. Here a businessman named Edward Abraham Dyer had established a brewery. Its purpose was to supply cheap beer to the British army. His son Renegald Edward Harry Dyer was a colonel in the British Army. Made in Kasauli, this brewery changed the entire industry. After this it (Old Monk) was launched in the year 1954. Kapil Mohan, who created Old Monk, was an Indian and after retiring from the rank of Brigadier from the Indian Army, started running his father’s company under compulsion. But within a few years, Kapil Mohan made his mark as a liquor king even bigger than Vijay Mallya. He was also awarded the Padma Shri award in the year 2010. By the way, the foundation of this company was laid in 1855. It was started in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh by Edward Abraham Dyer, father of General Dyer, who lived in Scotland. In the year 1949, Kapil’s father NN. Mohan had bought this company of Dior. After this, in the year 1966, the name of this company was changed to ‘Mohan Meakin Breweries’ and Kapil Mohan became its chairman.

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Earlier it was prepared only for the army
According to media reports, initially this rum (Old Monk) was prepared for the army, but due to the increasing popularity among the people, this brand became famous in many places. After which its production started in other countries including many cities. Its popularity is such that according to a figure revealed in 2002, 8 million bottles of it are sold in a year. Many fans of Old Monk also know it by the name of Regular Use Medicine.

Supply to many countries
Alam is that the supply of Old Monk is today in 50 countries of the world besides India. These countries include many countries including Russia, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, UAE, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon, Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore, Manila. People like this rum very much not only in India but also abroad.

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never drink alcohol yourself
Retired Brigadier Kapil Mohan, who took Old Monk to the heights of success, may have been in the army as well as the owner of such a big liquor company, but he himself never touched alcohol. You can guess the popularity of this rum from the fact that Kapil Mohan defeated Vijay Mallya, who is called the Liquor King, on its own. Liquor King Brigadier Kapil Mohan passed away on 6 January 2018 at the age of 88 due to cardiac arrest.

Old Monk made in this way
According to the reports, during his forest and mountain travels, Kapil Mohan saw the saints living here drinking a different kind of drink. Those saints used to consume that drink to keep themselves alive in the mountains. Kapil Mohan got the inspiration for Old Monk from this beverage consumed by the saints. This is the reason why he named this rum sold under the name of Hercules, Old Monk.

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