On India-Russia relations, the US State Department said that India will need a long time to change its policies towards Russia

Washington: The US, which failed to break the India-Russia friendship, has finally conceded its defeat. Now the US State Department has said that India will need a long time to distance itself from Russia. From the very beginning, the US has been pressurizing India to reduce ties with Russia. Especially after the Ukraine war, America put tremendous pressure on India to oppose Russia. But, India rejected the US request citing decades-old friendship. Not only this, when countries like America showered sanctions against Russia, then India has also helped it financially by buying oil from its old friend at cheap price. India has also kept a distance from criticizing Russia in all international forums including the United Nations.

India needs a long time to go against Russia: US
US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US does not see the world in terms of one’s defeat and one’s victory. The US understands that countries like India will take a long time to reverse their policies towards Russia. We believe that … every country in the world is going to make its own sovereign decisions based on its own assessment of its interests and its values. He also said that the US also wants to make it clear how our common interests and our shared values ​​often connect us and how countries around the world can benefit from this partnership.

Changing foreign policy against Russia is not a light switch
Price was asked whether India had refused to support the US stand on Russia. Can India’s refusal be interpreted as a failure of Washington’s policy makers? In response, Ned Price said that we have seen countries around the world speak clearly against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, including in their vote in the United Nations General Assembly. But we also believe…that this is not a light switch. This is something that is especially true for countries that have historical ties with Russia. As in the case of India, the relationship between the two is decades old, it is going to take a long time to redirect foreign policy away from Russia.

Anti-India lobbying intensifies in America
The anti-India lobby in the US is furious over the Modi government’s ties with Russia. India has bought a huge amount of crude oil from Russia after the attack on Ukraine. Not only this, India is now going to send its military contingent to Russia in the Vostok 2020 exercise. At the same time, India has also received delivery of the S-400 from Russia. Some batches of AK-203 rifles have also been officially inducted into the Indian Army. The anti-India lobby is bent on projecting these issues against the US.

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