On this Dhanteras, arrange only this special coin of 2 rupees, earn 5 lakhs by selling here, know how

New Delhi: The festival season is going on in the country, and soon Dhanteras, Deepawali is also coming. In such a situation, everyone wants to buy a special car, scooter, bike for himself. There should also be a good means of earning a special income to buy it. Here we are going to tell you how to earn lakhs of rupees in such a moment. that you can adopt. Although there are some conditions for this, if you fulfill it, then of course you can become rich.

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Old Note Value: This 5 rupee note is full of specialty, you will get so much money by selling it

Let us tell you that at this time in the market antique rare category There is a huge demand for notes and coins, due to which if you have a particular note or coin then there is a chance to earn lakhs of crores of rupees in seconds. So let us tell you about this special way to earn online.

This special 2 rupee old coin will make you rich

If you have this special 2 rupee old coin with you, then it will make you rich in a moment. Let us tell you that in 1994 and 2000, the coin of 2 rupees was issued by our Reserve Bank of India. The specialty of these 2 rupee coins is that the country’s flag and India’s map should be on the back of these coins. There are many such websites in the market that do business of such notes and coins, from which you can get a good price here. The value of this coin is being told in the international market around 5 lakh rupees.

how to sell 2 rupee coin

If you have this special 2 rupee coin then you can buy it on quikr which is an e commerce website where it can be sold. You can sell through the process described here.

  • You go to the eBay website and coinbazzar.com website.
  • Here you first create your own account on these websites.
  • After creating the account, upload the photo of whatever old notes or coins you have.
  • Whoever wants to buy the coin will contact you.

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