Oops inflation! – Retail Inflation Rate reach 7 41 high consecutive 9 month crossed rbi limit tutk

Go to the market to get vegetables, fill petrol in the car at the petrol pump or pay PNG or LPG for LPG, today only one thing comes to the mind of the common man, oops this inflation. From the beginning of this year to September, that is, for 9 consecutive months, retail inflation in the country has remained at a high level. The situation is that the Reserve Bank of India has set a maximum limit of 6% for retail inflation, it has been above that for the whole 9 months.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoSPI) released the Retail Inflation Rate data for September 2022. Retail inflation stood at 7.41 per cent in September. This is higher than 7% in August 2022 and 4.3% in September 2021.

expensive dinner plate

The Russia-Ukraine War in February brought even more bad news for the economy already battling inflation due to the impact of Kovid. The impact of the war on the international economy, costly petrol-diesel and supply-related constraints pushed inflation to its peak. Since then inflation has not come down.

Indefinite rain became ‘scabies in leprosy’

Right now the condition is that vegetables, fruits, grains and many items of common man’s plate have become very expensive. At the same time, this year’s erratic monsoon rains acted as ‘scabies in leprosy’. If we look at the inflation rate of food items only, then the situation is worse. The Food Price Index i.e. food inflation rate has been 8.60% in September 2022. Whereas it was 7.62% in August 2022 and 0.68% in September last year.

Vegetables, spices, petrol and food grains made me cry

The condition of inflation is such that in some categories it has been above 10% in September 2022. If we look at the category wise, the highest inflation was recorded in the price of vegetables i.e. 18.05%, while the inflation rate of spices increased by 16.88%. While the inflation rate of clothing and footwear was 10.17% and fuel and power sector inflation rate was 10.39%. . Apart from this, the inflation rate in the category of food grains and food products has been 11.53%.

The effect of inflation is visible in the village too

There was a time when inflation was considered a disorder of the cities. But now inflation has spread to the village. If we look at the figures of September 2022, the retail inflation rate in the cities has been 7.27%, while in the villages it has reached 7.56%. On the other hand, if we look at the food retail inflation rate, where it has been 8.65% in cities, then it has gone up to 8.53% in villages too.

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