Oppo will follow in the footsteps of OnePlus, the flagship phone will get a strong camera


mobile news desk OnePlus uses camera lenses designed in collaboration with Hejleblad in its flagship smartphones, with which it launched the OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro mobiles, and now Oppo has also partnered with the Swedish company. In such a situation, Oppo will present a strong camera setup in its upcoming flagship phone Find X series. In fact, Oppo said on Chinese microblogging site Weibo on Tuesday that the company has partnered with Hegelblad for the camera. This camera setup will be for the next generation flagship phone Oppo Find X. For information, let us tell you that Hasselblad is a Swedish company and is known for its professional cameras. The brand has partnered with OnePlus for mobile cameras and now has a new tie-up with Oppo. Oppo is working on one of its premium smartphones, which will try to offer a robust camera setup with computational color and computational optics.

Oppo Next will be introduced as Oppo Find X, while the company has already launched Oppo Find X3. We would like to inform you that OnePlus or any other Chinese company often does not offer series under 4 names, as 4 names are not considered appropriate in China, hence OnePlus and other brands also do not offer 4 series. Find the X series of Oppo is very popular and is a premium grade mobile. The phone of this series has many good and powerful features from design to camera setup. Smartphone makers around the world are working on camera setup. A 200 megapixel camera will also be available soon.

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