out or not out? There was a ruckus on this LBW, watch the video

New Delhi: LBW means leg before wicket. That interesting decision of cricket in which good umpires lose their sweat. Sometimes controversies also arise over the decision of these umpires. A similar scene has come to the fore in the ‘Sheffield Shield Trophy’ being played in Australia. While on one hand the T20 World Cup is being played in Australia, on the other hand the excitement of first class cricket is also at its peak.

This dispute over the decision of the umpires in the Sheffield Shield tournament came to the fore in the match played between Western Australia and Victoria. In this match played in Melbourne, Western Australia, who came to bat first, scored 466 runs in the first innings. In reply, Victoria scored 616 runs. When Western Australia came out to play in the second innings, the sixth-ranked batsman Aaron Hardy was playing 7 runs. That’s when this controversy was born.

Had it not hit the pad, would it have hit the wicket straight?

In fact, in the 40th over, Victoria spinner Todd Murphy bowled the ball to Hardy, off-spin this ball took a dangerous turn after being hit, which Hardy tried to stop with a pad tied on his left foot. As soon as Hardy hit the pad brought forward, the direction of the ball changed and went towards the wicketkeeper.

The bowler guessed that if the ball had not hit the pad after taking a turn, it would have hit the wicket directly, so he made a strong appeal. At first, the umpire was in no mood to give it out, but on Murphy’s loud appeal, he eventually bowed down and declared Hardy out.

out or not out?

Batsman Hardy was quite surprised by this decision of the umpire. His guess was that the ball was going outside the off-stump. However, due to the decision of the umpire, the cricket fans have also been divided into two factions. Some also appeared unhappy with it. This lbw has given rise to a new controversy.

Some cricket fans have raised the question on Twitter saying – We are interested to know under which rule it is out, as it cannot be LBW. At the same time some have said that if the batsman did not stop the ball, then the ball would have hit the wicket directly. However, despite the excellent batting of both the teams, the match ended in a draw.

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