Pakistan Airlines must wear undergarments, decree to crew members – Pakistan PIA New rule to wear full undergarments for female air hostess and crew members tlifws

Pakistan is always surrounded by discussions for its strange antics. In such a situation, now some such decree has been given by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), which you will also be shocked to hear. Yes, a new rule has been made by PIA for the cabin crew of aircraft, under which now all staff members will have to wear undergarments properly.

This strange new rule of Pakistan International Airlines is for both male and female staff members. Explaining the reason behind this, Pakistan has said that a wrong image is created due to the crew member not being properly prepared in the flight. PIA believes that the crew members not only on duty but also off duty should keep in mind that they are associated with PIA.

The Pakistan International Airlines notification said that during flight rest, people belonging to the cabin crew wear casual clothes and go to other cities, stay in hotels. This type of dress up has a bad effect on the viewer and also creates a negative image of the organization.

Make plain clothes a part of your dressing style
In a notification issued by General Manager Flight Service Amir Bashir, the cabin crew has been asked to make proper undergarments and plain clothes a part of their dress-up. According to Aamir Bashir, all the men and women in the cabin crew should choose the clothes according to the culture of their country.

Action will be taken if someone breaks the rule
This new rule of PIA will not remain just as a rule. Special instructions have also been given to the grooming officers to ensure that the rules are followed. Under which they have to keep an eye on the outfit of the cabin crew and if anyone is breaking the rules, then report against them. Against whom the grooming officer will complain, action will be taken against him.

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