Pakistan Crisis: Biden not only told Pakistan the most dangerous country in the world, these are the main reasons..?

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New Delhi, Online Desk. Two days ago, when US President Joe Biden described nuclear-armed Pakistan as one of the most dangerous countries, the world was shocked. The big reason for this is that Biden said this at a time when Pakistan was trying to woo America. India has often expressed concern about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. By the way, the concerns of India and America are not unnecessary. There are solid reasons for this. Let us examine those reasons in this report…

The threat of nuclear weapons getting into the hands of terrorists

Apart from India and America, other countries of the world are also worried about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Western countries have expressed their concerns many times regarding the safety of these weapons. These countries fear that Pakistani nuclear weapons may fall in the hands of terrorists and jihadists. Analysts say that Pakistan’s jihadists, excited by the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, may also make such efforts.

Pakistan is infamous for stealing nuclear technology

Pakistan has been infamous for stealing the technology to make nuclear weapons. Nuclear scientist AQ Khan was found involved in the smuggling of nuclear technology. The matter is in 1975, when AQ Khan was working for a laboratory in the Netherlands. It was from here that he had stolen the design of the nuclear weapon. It also stole the list where information about the availability of nuclear weapon parts was recorded. AQ after stealing technology Khan had fled from the Netherlands.

Atom bomb made by stealing technology

After this incident, Pakistan had a lot of infamy. The US then suspected that Pakistan was engaged in making nuclear bombs with the help of stolen technology. This was the reason why the US imposed sanctions on Pakistan under the Pressler Amendment in 1990 for fear of possessing nuclear weapons. However, US sanctions could not stop Pakistan from making atom bombs and with the help of Khan, it made an atomic bomb in the year 1998.

Atomic technology given to many countries

A.Q. Khan has also been accused of selling designs, centrifuges and other parts to Iran, Dubai, Malaysia and other countries. A.Q. Khan is also suspected of providing nuclear technology to North Korea and Libya. Abdul Qadir Khan has publicly acknowledged this on a few occasions. AQ Khan was arrested for leaking nuclear technology but was forgiven by the then President Musharraf.

Pakistan is a politically unstable country

Pakistan is also known as a country with political instability. At present, political instability is at its peak in Pakistan. The situation in Pakistan is also bad due to political instability as well as economic plight. Pakistan is also famous all over the world for its corruption. The roles of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI have also been surprising.

..can not trust Pakistan

Pakistan is also one of the countries sponsoring terrorism. India has been repeatedly warning the world about terrorist organizations operating from Pakistan in international forums. In such a situation, when Russian President Vladimir Putin has made an veiled threat of nuclear war. Analysts say that the US’s concern about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is justified.

What did Biden say..?

“I think Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world with nuclear weapons and there is no harmony,” US President Joe Biden said at a campaign for Democratic Party lawmakers in Los Angeles on Friday. Along with this, Biden also expressed concern over China, Russia and Pakistan and presented it as three challenges to US foreign policy. Read full news – Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world

Terrorists can give big blow to Pakistan

According to the report of news agency IANS, the increasing terrorist threat from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) or Pakistani Taliban can give another blow to Pakistan. The present government itself has issued such an alert. According to the report, at a time when Pakistan is busy repairing its economy, fears of terrorist threats will undermine investor confidence. According to the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) report, TTP will remain a major challenge for Pakistan throughout the year.

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