Pakistani singer humiliated on stage, fans refuse to sing – pakistani singer hira mani left embarrassed after crowd refuses to sing along with her tmovs

Pakistani TV actress Hira Mani is known for shows like ‘Preet Na Kario Koi’, ‘Do Bol’ and ‘Kashf’. Apart from working in many well-known shows, Hira also sings. But recently something happened during one of his concerts which was quite embarassing.

Hira prides herself on being an actress as well as being a singer. But the way the public reacted to his song in this concert was very shocking. The video of the concert has started going viral and it has reached to the point that people have started commenting on social media asking them to stop singing.

The public insulted the concert

Hira’s song ‘Sawaari’ became quite viral a few days ago. After this viral hit, she is paying more attention to singing than her acting career. On August 14, Hira was performing at a concert on the occasion of ‘Jashn-e-Azadi’ in London. She was performing with a lot of energy from the stage, but her audience was also listening to her with full energy, it is difficult to say.

After seeing this cool response of the audience, Hira made an effort. With his song ‘Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya’, he also wanted to involve the public in singing. Hira after singing a line of the song from the stage said, ‘You also sing with me’ and the public fell silent.

Even after many attempts, the public remained silent.

He tried to do this not only from the stage two-three times in a row, but the public did not even try to harmonize with him. The extent was reached, when Hira also said from the stage that if the public does not mix voice in his voice, then he will not sing further. But the public did not make any difference to this and they kept silent. Watch video:

The video of the whole incident from the concert has gone viral. And now the public is admonishing him on social media, in a more vehement manner than joining his voice with Hira. Fans love Hira’s performance in the daily soap. After marriage in Pakistan, the public has supported only a few selected actresses.

Hira Mani is one of those few female artists. What happened to Hira, one of the most famous faces of the Pakistani film industry, is also an indication that perhaps the public’s mind has started changing about her. What do you think about Hira Mani’s London performance, do let us know in the comments.

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